Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas! Santa came to Kansas.(:

Welcome to the KWM, you heard of miracles? Best mission in the world. #mamabell

Our Wichita zone! We went caroling to investigators and less actives..and had too much fun! Love them all! πŸ€—☃
<3Sister WilliamsSelfie from the Christmas Zone party in Wichita!

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas is this week.

SO our week was a lot of fun. we went on exchanges with some of our sisters and had a blast! 
I went to Harrison Park and rode a bike for the first time on my mission, man am I out of shape. We biked 7 miles... up hill.. goodness. I'm grateful for a car. and I give lots of props to all the missionaries who ride bikes. I also had exchanges with Sister Birks- which was a lot of fun! WE met a lady named Desiree. Funny story was, we were talking on the phone in the car when we got a nock on our window. Some dude that was kinda drunk was like "what are you doing?" "Do you guys need anything?" We were still kinda in shock, but we said no and he walked back to his house. Then one minute later, his girlfriend was outside smoking and I told sister birks to yell to her and ask her if we could come talk to her. She said yes! we said a quick prayer and got out started our little speel of  who we were. WE shared the new Christmas video "Why we need a Savior" and after she was in tears! she gave us like 5 hugs and was telling us how she was having a hard day and was praying for help- when we rolled up in our car. She told us she knows the spirit and how our meeting was no coincidence. She was so happy and told us we could come back anytime! It was an awesome miracle. What else happened this week.. we went to church and sang in the choir for the Christmas program- it was fun! and then I was snagged into primary to play the piano. (: My secret is out. ha ha 
But its been awesome! Oh, so I wasn't there for it. But Becky Arenas was baptized!!! AHH! Im soo happy. (: SIster Fountain and I taught her for 2 months and now she is baptized! AH. Its amazing. I love Wichita, we are having our Zone Christmas Party tomorrow which should be pretty fun. We get to wear ugly sweaters. woooh! 
Well, I hope you all have a Merry Chirstmas! I will see my familia then and the rest of you I will talk to you all next monday! (: 

I Stole sister fountains pic.. thanks! (: 

Monday, December 14, 2015

back in Weechitahhh..

okay so its been great being in the NICE part of the big city! 
Being a leader in the mission hasn't set in yet, probs because its only been like 5 days.. pfft! What do I know. #hardlyanything. 
But we had a good week, we met a lot of people, some nice some crazy some just... not. But Its awesome. I love it here and Sister Houston is awesome. She had Bronchitis for like 3 weeks... so its been a party- we finally cleaned out apartment because it looked like WW3 went down in there. 
Church was great- and then half way through Sacrament we get a text from the YSA relief society prez asking if we would like extra blessings and could teach the lesson.. we cant say no- so we did and it turned out pretty good. (We also cover YSA ward) hmmm.. we are always busy. We cover the Derby Zone sisters and my baby is also there so I'm really happy to have her back in Kansas and not Colorado.. its better over here.  (; 
It hasn't snowed yet either.. lame. 
But as for the work here, its been alot of fun! We have  fun elders and an awesome ward mission leader. He does so much to help out and the cool thing is that the ward is also pretty missionary minded. which is a bonus! We had a ward Christmas party and we were in the 12 days of Chritsmas skit.. we were the pipers piping.. he he  and plus Santa is in our ward! so he was there. Lots of food and cool people. Oh and the Stake President is a Williams... and his family is from Idaho... coincidence? no. and I have met so many people from Idaho its ridiculous. I was totally meant to be here..:D
But I'm loving it here so much, I'm really excited for Christmas! Also... the extended my mission by a week so I wont be home til April 21~ so I just thought Id let yall know! (: hurray!!!
I'm so grateful to be a member of Christ church and I was actually thinking about Heavenly Father and how much he loves us.. but he loves all of his children equally, no matter who they are, what religion they are. But because of the restored gospel, we learn to love him more and have more to love about our Father in Heaven- To have a personal relationship with him and our savior that is eternal! Its such a blessing.  
I love my mission!! its been amazing and is going by too fast.. its gross..
But I hope you all have a great week and keep on being awesome. #churchistrue

<3Sister WIlliams

Monday, November 30, 2015


Hello everyone! 
I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving- ate lots of food that you don't regret right? This week was really interesting, but also it was good! Here's what went on! 
1. Sister fountain lost her iPad on Monday while we were at Rue 21.. We drove all the way home til she realized she didn't have it. So we hurried and called the store and real life miracle was that it was still there! It was crazy. 
2. We went on Exchanges with sister eyre, came to Abilene and had a blast.😝 we saw Becky and helped create a plan to help her feel more prepared to be baptized! Now she's working towards the 12th! We had this lesson in Burger King btw. #heckya 
3. Slaughtered a turkey! So gross. We went out to the Harbaughs and legit killed a turkey... Sister fountain bout passed out too. Haha it was nasty but we had an anatomy lesson while he was explaining what he was doing.. Ew. But I did take pictures of seriously everything, from the heart to the intestines! Y'all lucked out. Lol but it was fun- after that we came to Cassie's house and made sea food for thanksgiving.. I didn't like it.. But I ate it. 
4. Then for thanksgiving we Ate octopus and crawfish. Went Mongolian instead of American this year, it was good! Weird but good. The members were playing Christmas music which was nice, then somehow it got switched to Relient K and Twisted Sister Christmas... I just talked to drown out the noise. It was pretty funny. We had dinner right after that one and holy cow- they made the best cheesecake and gave us 1/8 slices. It destroyed me. So I'll definitely remember this thanksgiving. 
5. Had a total of 6 thanksgiving dinners... #stillfeellikecrap 
6. There was an Ice storm and it froze everything with an inch thick of ice! And we walked in it. It was insane! Tree branches, more like half the tree would rip off and crush power lines, close down streets and on top of it icy roads. It was great- we met lots of people. One guy wasn't too keen of us Mormons," I'm Roman Catholic"  his daughter was atheist. Other than him we met some pretty nice people while we were giving out pass along cards for the new "A savior is born" video! It's really good by the way if you haven't watched it. 
7. Church was cancelled but we were given permission to have a mini sacrament meeting at a members house, while walking there a tree branch almost squashed us. 
I promise we are working. Ha we had dinner at an investigators house and her family! They were all really awesome- she's more interested in the church right now than her husband but he's coming around. She's convinced that she'll get us to have coffee but that ain't gonna happen. We taught her the word of wisdom that night too.. Lol but she loves the Book of Mormon, she said that she reads it while she's taking a bath. πŸ™ƒ anyway! Abilene is crazy and kinda thawing at the moment, but I love it! We are reading the Book of Mormon as a mission again this year, and so far it's been amazing. They have given us an extra hour to read it everyday- and it's the best hour of my life. πŸ’Ÿ 
I love you all! Hope you all have a great week and stay warm! ❄️🌨❄️❄️
And the library is closed... All my pics are on my camera. Lame. 

<3Sister Williams

Monday, November 16, 2015

Abilene and my stupid tooth.

I just had my wisdom tooth pulled out.. I thought I would humor you.

<3Sister Williams

My dearest family and friends,
Today is gonna be a great one because I get to have my wisdom tooth out. #holla
However, our past week was quite the refiners fire. Not gonna lie it
was tough, but with the powers of the atonement and the love from
heaven- it needed up being such a growing week for both of us
spiritually. We met some really cool people, 2 of them came to church
and loved it. It was such a miracle, because we met them walking to
see a less active, sister fountain just said, hi.. Then after that we
gave them a Book of Mormon, asked if we could come back that night,
they said yes! So we went back and had shared a message about the Book
of Mormon and invited them to church.. And they were totally down to
coming and they could even drive themselves..#rareinabilene..that
Sunday we went by that morning to make sure they were still coming and
they were still in bed at like 8am.. So we were stressing. So we left
and headed to church and it was about as we were pulling into the
parking lot that they texted us and told us that they were coming but
they would late. Ahh! Yes! God seriously provided so much this week.
Okay, seriously met the most interesting man in my life.. He is a
mystic. That's a religion..
So he told us all about his beliefs, however he couldn't say too much
or else he would be killed or seriously hurt.. So I was kinda freaked
out. So to help y'all understand what I'm talking about, think about
the voodoo man on princess and the frog and Harry Potter combined.
That is this dudes beliefs.. He's interesting. Sister fountain and I
were both looking at each other like..."how did we get ourselves into
this.." Lol but I did sing the "Angel song" to his little girl named
Raven and then we ran away... Just kidding we just left very swiftly.
So sister fountain and I haven't gone grocery shopping in like 3
weeks.. Be we #lazy. so we haven't had much food. Yesterday proved
that we definitely needed to- but since it being Sunday that wasn't an
option. Then around 7pm a member called us and told us to come over
and have dinner with them! #milagro! Haha I think it is.. But the
member said that she had a strong prompting to call us even after she
tried to deny the prompting.. We were glad she didn't! Then her
husband told us this morning that he was buying us cereal because we
need breakfast. Lol we love them.
But other than that, that's been our week! Sorry for being lame... Anyway!
I am loving Abilene so much, I am so blessed to be here in the best
mission in the world with the best missionaries ever! Thankyou for all
the love and support- it's means so much. I think the world of all of
you! I hope you all have a super week and remember than sister
Williams loves ya.πŸ€“
Ponderize scripture for this week is Alma 37:36.

Love y'all so much!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

this weeeeekk//

Alrightt.... well.... 
Halloween was pretty cool because we were blessed with the opportunity to hear from one of the new apostles, Elder Gary E. Stevenson! He actually came here for Stake Conference in Salina. So Saturday we sat in meetings from 1:30-6:30.. but it was totally awesome. My butt was really tired of sitting though, and a few missionaries from our district got to sing a musical number during our missionary meeting. We didn't get home til 9 pm and then the next day was another apostle filled day! So our weekend was pretty good!
 I feel like Halloween always trumps the week.. other than the trunk or treat.. we were the cool missionaries who brought candy bars and went around asking people questions about the book of Mormon and if they got it right.. Bam you won yourself a candy bar. Turned out the questions we asked stumped a lot of people.. hehe!  we also wore peacock face masks.. #dollarstore
This weekend we have a baptism coming up! Which we are super excited for! The Stephensons Family is so awesome, they are a returning less active family who recently moved to Abilene. The mom was the one who stopped us on the street who told us she was looking for us! lol They all came to church yesterday and they even brought a friend! 

Cool Milagro, so yesterday sister flowers (fountain) A guy in our ward cant get her name right.. ever.. we're known as the "sister elders", and I sister willy, fasted with a less active young woman and we definitely saw blessings and miracles with the hearts of the people of Abilene soften. After Stake Conference, sister fountain and I divided and conquered- she went and talked to the LA sisters who came to conference, and she asked US if we could all sit down and have a talk about her going on a mission... AH! She said that she had such an amazing experience fasting that when she walked in to the opening song, she just started crying and felt the spirit. Later that night she texted us saying that she has never felt so full while fasting. (: It was such an awesome day. 

Sorry this is short but I don't know what else to say.. I love my mission? yes. Its been the best thing I've ever done in my life- nothing compares to the happiness you feel while serving others in the best possible way. Our mission had 63 precious souls be baptized last month which was amazing, and we are soo on our way to hitting our vision of 100/ month. kansas is where it is at! #notcominghome. sorry mom. (; 

My new favorite scripture is found in 2 nephi 2:2 "...and he shall consecrate thine afflictions for thy gain." Which is talking about the enabling powers of the Atonement, which have helped become more like the Savior truly come to know him and love him. 
I'll jump off my soap box, I love you all so much and I cant thank you enough for all you do. It means so much. (: Have such a great week!! (:


Monday, October 26, 2015

I love being a representative of Jesus Christ.

<3Sister Williams

So! This week is transfers and I'm staying put in Abilene! I'll be
here till December and I'm so happy! I was really nervous about the
possibility of leaving but now I'm not and I'm so happy! Obviously. We
had a good week, taught Becky and Jacob! They are awesome and
progressing so well right now! On Saturday we had a church tour, Becky
brought her friend Robert-who is a southern baptist- and he absolutely
loved the tour! We showed him the family history center and we were
able to find his uncle and was beyond excited! It was awesome! After
the tour he was saying how he wants to come to church now! Yay!
Expecting the impossible there. God is so good. Becky also loved the
tour and was saying "this church is great! I love it." Then Jacob came
to church! He was so cute, loves church, showed him the baptismal font
and got really excited. But however there was a wolf spider in there
and that was kinda scary. Lol #kansas
That night we taught Becky the plan of salvation! She just ate that up
and was so happy and excited about how it all made sense. "I was never
taught this?! This makes so much sense" I've always believed that. Oh
man it was so awesome, sister fountain bore such a great testimony of
eternal families and the blessings of this knowledge. The spirit had
Becky in tears. (: we are seeing her today and we are so excited! I
love her so much. Plus, her daughter is a recent convert and is so
solid. So she's been helping us teach! That night, we painted pumpkins
and my inner child came out and it was so fun. This time my pumpkin
actually looked cute! Yay!
But that was about our week, oh! Wow, the elders had 3 baptisms and it
was such a good baptismal service and the assistants to the president
showed up... We gave the missionary moment and it all went well.
Except I totally butchered playing the closing song. It was horrid. My
brain and fingers were not on the same page apparently. Any who! Life
is great- I'm so grateful to be a missionary and to have so many life
changing experiences. We meet so many people and I love it all no
matter what. It's always good weather- plus we have the best district
in the world. I think that biggest thing I'm so grateful for is that I
was called to serve in the best mission in the entire world. Hands
down. So far our mission has had 57 precious souls come unto Christ
this month! We still have an entire weekend!(I may be gloating but I'm
just so happy..sorry. I'll repent) Ahhh! God is so great! Everything
that happens in this mission is because of him. Jesus Christ is our
greatest example and I love him so much. This weekend we have another
apostle coming to our mission, Elder Stevensen, I'm so excited! (:
Well I hope y'all have such a great week and that you keep on keeping
on. A.k.a apply the atonement. πŸ’ŸπŸ’―


So we were coming back from dinner, it's 7:30 and it's DARK.. I had the brights on and forgot to turn them off. That's how bored police are here in Abilene. I didn't get a ticket though! #miracle!

It's fall and there was a prime photo opp right then so we kinda took pics. Lol

Yeah.. There is Paige! Love her, she had quite the adrenaline rush when a guy threatened to call the cops on us. "We don't wanna be Mormon!" And the funny thing is that we didn't even introduce ourselves. Whatever! The church is still true and God loves us.

<3Sister Williams

Monday, October 19, 2015

Singing with sister bell!

<3Sister Williams

My week....

After sleeping for what felt like 15 mins, it was 11:30am and I thought I would attempt to write y'all. So hopefully this makes sense. Lol 

So we had a fun week- mostly just Friday and Sunday were great. Why? Well Friday morning all the sisters in the entire mission came to Wichita for Sisters conference! I got to see lots of sisters that I have no idea who they are but they seem great! Haha then the select 10 I actually do know.. It's weird. Anyway, we did Zumba that morning and we got to dance to imagine dragons! It was weird yet fun, I am so not coordinated with dancing then we had a great, amazing speaker that I still can't get over. She is a convert to the church of 14 years and was a missionaries dream! Basically she called her friend how she could become a member of the church! Her friend was really hesitant because of all the things she had to give up and change, however Mrs. Leham was totally chill and was like that's okay! I'm good with that. Was baptized 2 weeks later and fasted for two days prior to her baptism. So what she talked about was how to procure your testimony, protect it and preserve it!You get what you look for- look for building and growth for your testimony. Know what you want so you can see what you want. The things that we choose in this life will either destroy or grow our testimony. Made me rethink the things that I was choosing and letting into my life. One of the best things that helped me was when she said "Comparison is the thief of ALL joy". *smack in the face!* #trrruuuuee 
She ended her talk with a story of her having a conversation with her doctor and they got talking about scriptures. He was really impressed with her knowledge and asked her what church she goes to. In her mind she was like "here we go!". She confidently stated that she was a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He replied, " hold on.." And when he came back he had all this anti information and told her of all the reasons she as going to hell..etc. she thanked him for his thoughts and appreciated his concern, and told him- "you see! That is the beauty of my denomination, in yours I'm going to hell, but in mine... Your going to heaven." (: 
She was awesome and so inspiring. I wish y'all could've been there to hear her. 
Sunday I was having extreme nightmares about swimming in the ocean and tornados going on at the same time.. I don't know what's going on. Lol however I had woke up at 4:30 and was so happy because I had 2 hours left! Went back to sleep, had another dream about our annoying alarm clock going off... Didn't wake up till 7:35! Our alarm clock didn't go off!! I swear. Oh my goodness was horrible... We have to be out the door at 8:10 in order to be at church early enough to meet investigators and get a spot! I got ready in 20 mins.. And I still looked decent! Haha yes! But we had a less active bring her bf again to church. Had a great church tour with them and invited him to be baptized! He said it's a good possibility that he'll keep coming back! Which is awesome! :)  so we had a pretty good week, the Spanish elders are having 3 baptisms this week!! So that's awesome, we have one coming up soon! Just got to keep praying and acting in faith ALL THE TIME! It's been the best, I love Abilene so much. Don't wanna goo, however transfers are coming up next week and it's a high possibility I'm leaving.. But all is well. It's Gods way or the highway.. 😎 anywho! Lots of work to be done and them tomorrow we have trainings with president bell and the AP's. Wooooh! 
K well I love y'all so much! Thank you for the love and support- y'all are the best! 
Have such a good week and remember to choose good things! πŸ˜‡
Keep it πŸ’―

<3Sister Williams


Okay so this Lola! She thought we could b friends. We go over and help her mom Sandra paint her house which is awesome! Super old and now bright aqua blue! It's crazy. Sandra is from Minnesota and has the funniest accent and humor ever. If her husband wasn't Catholic she'd be Mormon.. One day! However service has definitely softened their hearts, it's so cool. πŸ’Ÿ

❗️one year ago I came out with these lovely human beings. Sisters conference was really fun and bittersweet because I don't know hardly any of the sisters anymore... #gettingOLDπŸ˜–

Probably the highlight of my life was when the mission presidents wife, sister bell, sang with me! We sang "how great thou art" and I also have it on video. It was unexpected, I was singing with another missionary when she joined right in! 😍 I love her so much, she is the best person you could ever meet in your life. #truth
<3Sister Williams

Monday, October 12, 2015


This is at a recent converts house.. They take Halloween kinda seriously. And this is just the small stuff.. And I'm just awkward.. I didn't know how to pose... Lol

There was a pretty Kansas sunset.. #everyday notice how I'm trying to smile but it looks like I'm about to have a stroke... Gah. 😱

And I'm holding a bearded dragon.. The ones from the movie "Holes"! They are really cute. Plus this is Jacob, he and his family just moved to Abilene! They are so awesome! Love them! We are teaching his familia! ❤️
<3Sister Williams

Monday, September 21, 2015

quick and easy! because im too lazy!

well! this is gonna be short because i don't really know what to say!
Abilene is doing really well right now- Chase is looking towards baptism this saturday! She is adorable. We walked alot this week and man was is hot and muggy. But its now cooled off alot thank goodness. (: 

We are teaching some pretty interesting people, one wants to even marry Sister Fountain after he gets baptized. #aintgonnahappen 
And its kinda funny when they're probably the most normal people we are teaching. #kansas
However, I remind myself that everyone needs the gospel! God loves everyone and so should sister williams! haha 

We had FHE with a less active family which has been awesome to see the change in them as a family. Their daughter Satira isn't a member but, she participated and even said the closing prayer! It was awesome- the spirit definitely has been working on her lately. in her prayer she said "thankyou for letting us have FHE, I really needed it tonight" and there was just a bunch of laughing instead of screaming this time.(: 

Church was great, spent most of the day in Salina because we had the Mission prez devo- which I had to play the piano. I seriously was doing super great with prelude but when it started. Any talent I had was just *POOF* gone. haha everyone made it out alive. It was really a great meeting and we had 3 non members come and they now want to start meeting with us and even start reading the Book of Mormon! (: 

Well! thats about all, we are having a stake pday here! Salina is the best and I love, LOVE love being a missionary and plainly just always being happy. Like you could seriously be having the worst day ever- but its not.. BECaUSE I'm serving the Lord and knowing that everything is gonna work out. #thebest

K well, I hope you all have a super fantastic week!! LOVE YA! thanks for all ya do! oh and happy belated birthday trey! sorry, I'm sending you something.. it might just be a little while.. sorry. #snailmail... 

Love ya!

<3Sister WIlliams 

Monday, September 14, 2015

"Were those Mormons? I need a bug bomb.."

So hopefully i'll remember to write a quote from the week and use it as my header. Because! Some of the things people say around here are very noteworthy. 
So Sister Fountain has been in Abilene a whole week! Feels like just lastweek we were on our way to Dodge City... (thats cause we were) 
But, Abilene is doing soo great! We have been working with some pretty solid people and they have been coming to church. Chase is our little investigator is getting baptized on the 26th. she's adorable. There are others who are not as solid but they are still good people, we are just trying to help them relate themselves to the gospel! If they would just read the Book of Mormon, it would help them get it. I really don't know what to tell ya.. so I'll just bullet point. 

-I had a 28 pound cat sit on me and it really hurt. (her claws dug themselves into my lap while she was walking on me)
-We had a super awesome dinnner with the Browns, she made, get this, PUMPKIN,CHEESCAKE PIE! talk about a fat girls dream.. it was sinful. Sister Fountain are going on a weight loss diet because this is getting to be a struggle for sister Williams... my clothes don't fit that well.. haha AH! 
- So after church and lunch we were tryin to find our lady on date who skipped church. But there is also a former that lives in the same trailer park- so his wife/girlfriend was outside raking grass and we were talking to her about life and whats been new with her. After, we were heading back to our car to grab a Doctrine and Covenants for a recent convert. When all of a sudden we hear a man yell, "Hey Blondie!" i was like.. oh no.. its mike... and It was! then he was like "How does Tuesday at 7 sound!?" So we now have an appointment with them tomorrow. The only thing that is holding him back spiritually is that he thinks that mormons don't do anything fun. Since missionaries can't go swimming, or do much of anything. that applies to the rest of the world.. ugh. So yeah he's interesting! But we are up for this challenge. He also called us beautiful which was kinda awkward.. along with the other flirty texts he sent us.. haha ummm... #everyoneneedsthegospel! 

Anyway! Life is so good! Lots of good things are going down here in Salina and Abilene.I have started to figure out how to apply the atonement and to include Jesus Christ in missionary work. I don't know why I get so caught up in the way of doing everything myself-  it never works out that way, just like you can't build a house without a foundation.. or else it falls apart when the winds and storms of the adversary come. Same way with our lives and even with missionary work. Without Christ we are nothing. 

But I love being out here! Its the best!! (: Plus, I even sound like a Kansan when I talk now.. its awful. oh goodness.. i think  "I aint got none" has come out of my mouth... but whatever!! The Church is still true and I'm stoked for Conference!! Its gonna be an exciting time. 2 new apostles! 
well I hope yall have a great week and that you are all making good choices and are being a good example to others. "Say yes to happiness!!" (i'm listening to a song that says that.) lol 

K love yall!!
<3Sister Williams

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sorry for not emailing yesterday! I am alive.

So Sunday night was a sad day for us.. I had a horrid migrane and so we came in early and I seriously passed out in the praying position. #exhausted Then I was woken up by sister birks with the phone over my face and the look of distraught on hers. She was like its the Elder Limb! I thought I was in trouble for sleeping.. haha So I was really nervous. However, I was informed that there was going to be an ET(Emergency Transfer) and that sister Birks was moving to LAMAR CO. It was a rough night especially for her, so we spent all day driving to Dodge City, KS. which is 3 hours away from Salina. Didn't get home till 9pm. Long day in the car.. So now I am training another sister! Sister Fountain is really awesome too! She is from Orem Utah and has family in Idaho too. Her mom is from Idaho Falls. I'm excited for this transfer.. however Sister Mitchell goes home next week. ): Crazy how fast time is going, I remember when she was serving with me down in Wichita! We've been around each other for the past 4 months! I love her. 
As for the week, it was pretty exciting, we had people come to church! I am always so amazed that we have people at church because during the week it always looks like no one is coming.. who wants to drive 30 mins to church when there is another christian church on the corner. (there is seriously a church on every other corner) But we had 4 people from here and it was really good. We are still working on parental permission for Chase and Emily to get baptized. But we also have others we are working with- so we are excited! 
There was a really cool lightening storm last night! The clouds were just lighting up like crazy! Its been super humid and hot. Yesterday it was 105 with humidity... ask me how i am still alive.. I do not know! lol The temple!! oh yeah! it was awesome!! I'll send pics. Such a great experience, 2nd time on my mission. I'm spoiled. (: I didn't realize how much I missed seeing a temple till I saw it in the distance and now I understand the children's hymn. "I love to see the temple" -man,  because I was so excited!! (: I found out that the lady I was teaching down in Wichita, Miriam!! She got baptized!!! :D I actually got to see her the day before and she has changed sooo much! oh my goodness, such a huge miracle! She was so excited. When she saw me she got out of the car and had to give me a hug. it was so sweet and a tender moment. I wish I could've stayed for it. ): I love her too much, but I'll see her again sometime. (that's probably the best news of the week) 
Anyway! I'm super excited for the heat and humidity to be gone and for Fall to be here. But I have loved every single day- because its always good weather...even if its not. I've learned to always have a good attitude because that's what matters! And plus you're happier! (: 
This has been a rough week, but I came across a quote that said; "Just because God is smiling on someone else, doesn't mean he is frowning on you" Which is so true- because he loves all of us and wants what is best for us! Being a missionary is the best and I love knowing my Savior more and more. Life makes more sense when you know Jesus Christ- seriously. 
Anyway! sorry for the not so interesting email... But I love you all! 
Happy Birthday to Mama Williams! (: (belated...) 
Hope you all have a great week!! Keep on keeping on. LOVE YA!! πŸ˜˜

<3Sister Savannah WIlliams 

Monday, August 31, 2015

Last day of August... ew.

Well well well... Another month gone and I get to go to the temple tomorrow and I'm sooo excited! (: We had district meeting this morning and got a lot of good inspiration from that. Our mission reached our goal of 50 baptisms plus 1! #Godisgood There was a lot of prayer and an increase of faith from everyone. I definitely gained a testimony of having a sense of urgency and inviting those we meet to be baptized whether or not they know much or anything. When we bare testimony and follow the spirit, they will want to know more. Yesterday sister birks and I commited to the Lord that we would repent and go out and invite! We had a cool opportunity yesterday when we were trying to find a potential but she wasn't home and as we were walking down the hall a man walked out of his room. (we were in a hotel) and I felt like I had seen him before so I was like "hey whats up!?" intstantly had a pretty good conversation, plus he had some neat shoes on. lol But he asked US for our card, which went into testifying of the Restoration and there we invited him to be baptized and that testifying some more that this was for him. He said yes! #miracle. It was a good day yesterday when there were so many things that could of made it a bad day. however, its always good weather- no matter what. We had just got back from church and were trying to contact an unbaptized child that was on our records. We get there, and the dad was awful to us, "were not interested!" and me and my mouth got going.. "okay! Well we need to clear this up so we know!" turns out a few years ago, words were said by a member and now this family wants nothing to do with us. Its sad. He then asked us to "get off the porch, please." So that was rough. So to cheer us up we walked to the nursing home and taught the plan of salvation to our cute little member Edna. Whenever we ask her how she is doing,she replies "I'm ornery as ever!" haha. #everytime. We sang to her and she then sang "Im a child of God" with us as she cried. She told us that she loved us-  and it was such a boost! We love her😘
Our zone did really well this week, so that was good to hear because I thought this week was horrid. Everything kept falling through and I was seriously so confused as to why!! LOL But I just kept praying for strength to not wanna quit and God kept telling me to "keep trying". Sister Birks is doing really well, she has come out of her shell alot. She gave a great training on URGENCY! We are getting a long beautifully. We spent lots of time walking and talking... there was a day when my back was soaked in sweat. #nasty Like I don't get how to look presentable here in Kansas because the darn humidity ruins your hair-do and then its hot and you sweat profusely! the sister missionary pics are misleading.. Anyway! haha. Missions are great! Emily and Chase are still on date to be baptized, however their mom won't let them get baptized because were not Catholic. Yet, she doesn't go to church.. and won't meet us. Its a weird situation. But we are gonna keep having faith that God will soften her heart. We had dinner with the Weavers last night. Sadly they are moving to Florida soon. hmm what else.. Other than sister birks is awesome and that I love her. There isn't much else to tell yall...  OH! they did find bile in my gallbladder so they want to do a high def scan and make sure there aren't any stones in it. So I'll be fine. (: Abilene is full of awesome people and I love it. Its so weird that 2 months has FLOWN by. Bishop Brunner was asking me about some people and I told him that I haven't seen them for almost 2 months... he was like "have you been here that long?" ...yes... (he's not the most observant) lol but he's so funny. One Sunday he was announcing an advancement in the priesthood to this kid and apparently the boy was taking too long to come to the pulpit and bishop was like, "hurry up!" 😲 #rantothepulpit 
good times in Salina! (: 
Well I hope you all have a good week and that you read the Book of Mormon+say your prayers. Moroni 8:16, "...perfect love casteth out ALL fear"
LOVE YA!! <3Sister Williams

Monday, August 24, 2015


So last week was pretty good! I can't remember much but it has been a good so far!
I am loving Abilene more and more and I am here! its already been 2 months! today is that 2month mark which I think is crazy. Our two little investigators came to church yesterday and loved it again. Its also nice when they have friends there that they can go to class with. they are planning on being baptized on September 5th! So we are workin with them. they gave us a scare on Friday though. We had an appointment with them and as we were on our way we saw them walking to sonic. So we stopped and asked them what was going on and apparently their mom wasn't have the best day so they were kinda on edge with us. They said that they could only meet with us once a week and even that didn't sound convincing! I was tripping out! Satan is such a butthead. after that we were a little disheartened and frustrated. Plus our district leader was there with us to meet them. So we went to find our new investigator that lives clear out in the middle of nowhere! #nomoremiles ); So we saw them all outside (his family) and I think they knew who we were, because when we got out of the car they had all gone inside. We knocked like policemen on their door and they ignored rude. haha. So I felt like we needed to go figure out what was going on with Chase and Emily so we went to their house and they were kind of surprised to see us. But we talked it out and they weren't too sure if they could come to church. But because God is so good, he definitely softened their mamas heart and the next day when we went back to see them. (we had been walking all day and we were both sweaty messes) They were happy to see us and we had a great lesson about the Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom. (: They came to church obviously. But it was too funny, We showed them the baptismal font, and they were kinda nervous as we were opening the font doors- Emily was like "are we gonna die?" NO!  But there were huge spiders in the font so I don't how good that looked to them.. lol I think the funniest thing I was asked was "how do you know that they aren't going to drown you?" It was cute.
School starts for them tomorrow too! So they are pretty excited!

Anyway! Its been a really hot summer out here, lots of BUGS. ew. We were sitting in a LA's house and we were both getting bites from who knows what! living in their couch.. I was terrified that they were bed bugs.. #notagain! its okay. it wasn't. We are going to the Temple in KC next week and I am sooo excited!! this is my 2nd time on my mission!! heck ya! (:
I love LOVE going there.. even though its 3 hours away from Salina, Its totally worth it. Apparently before the KC temple was built, Salina was in the Manti Temple boundary! Before that it was Chicago! YEAH. all you people with temples RIGHT THERE. We are working with progressing those who are new to the church to go to the temple! Appparently! Aide down in Wichita went for her first time and did baptisms for the dead and loved it soo much!! She has changed aton and its been such a testimony builder for me to see the gospel truly bless her life and to see the difference. I LOVE being a missionary and the opportunity I have to help others see the blessings and teach them. There is no greater service, "cant stop, wont stop" (;
I love you all and pray that you all are always safe! Keep on keeping on!
<3Sister Williams

Monday, August 17, 2015

Abilene: Week 8

<3Sister Williams

Hello family and friends!!
I'm short on time so I'll have to keep this short! Training is goon
well, sister birks led the area on her first exchange! She was really
nervous but she did super awesome. I went to Salina and hung out with
sister Mitchell- taught a lady named Jennifer whose boyfriend is a
member. It was really good, read the Book of Mormon with her and
invited to church. Said she would talk to her bf... Sadly she didn't
come. But they will keep working with her.
We had 2 of our new investigators come to church! Hallelujah! Bout
time. Lol it's been really hard to get people to come to church
because of the drive.. But it's not impossible! Chase and Emily came
to church and even though it is kinda boring to 12 and 17 year olds
#guilty, they liked it! Emily was singing the hymns and went to class
with some of her friends she knows. Abilene is a small town. Ha chase
is a die hard Jayhawks fan and came to church all geared up and ready
to go! She's adorable, she also had friends there so she was happy. It
was a pretty good day at church because the Thomas' came to church
too!! They haven't been since February or something. But they were
there and participated- we were stoked to hear that. We are actually
having FHE with them tonight as well.
Ummm, we were able to have a lot of members come out with us this
week! Which was something we had a hard time last week, but God is
good and loves us.
Tomorrow we have interviews with Prez Bell and so it should be a
pretty good day.
We saw our good friend Brenda who is also investigating, she works
with members over in Junction City and so we have been teaching her
about the Book of Mormon and Joseph smith. Over the past week she's
definitely changed. She gave us an assignment and we gave her one, lol
a mutual binding commitment! She has some interesting questions that
always start out with, "you Mormons..." Like last night it was "why do
we celebrate Halloween?" Since it is a high satanic holiday... I
didn't know what to say so I just said .. "I don't know." Lol she
thought it was funny! And now she wants to feed us peach cobbler.
So we're seeing her Friday and she will be coming to church! I'm
taking away her agency because this is eternal life! But for reals.
Oh an update on Dakota, he is moving to a group home in KC. He texted
us on Friday and totally freaked us out. But he's being taken care of.
Any who! Life in Kansas always keeps getting better! I love it more
and more. Sister birks is great! She'll do great things😎
Well I hope you all have a great week! Stay safe and CTR!
Love ya like Jesus!!πŸ˜‡

Monday, August 3, 2015

PICS from my iPad

I found these.. and so here ya go.


This week was really crazy/emotional/AWESOME.

Since I'm lost for words like usual.. Sister Palmer is the new STL in Salina and I'm training a new missionary! Her name is Sister Birks and I know nothing about her.. hopefully shes pretty sweet. (: That's not asking for much right? lol But we got a phone call from the AP's and Prez lastnight within 30 mins of each other. So It was pretty cray. Sis. Palmer was freaking out hardcore lastnight because she didn't want to train and so when she found out she was a leader in the mission! #emotionalwreck haha but she's good now!
Anyway, Abilene has been lots of fun, and there are a lot of really awesome people out here! We met a super cool lady named Sandra from Minnesota that had been meeting with the missionaries and loved it all! But her husband is devout catholic she has to support him and I guess that's alright too. She's awesome.
We have been walking a lot since we blew our mile allotment out of the water last month... but we didn't get parked because we have such AWESOME zone leaders- they gave us extra miles..They are the best seriously. I'm sad that one of them is leaving, but i'll get over it. lol There has been this Rodeo/ Fair thing going on since Friday and Abilene has been the happening place. Sis. Palmer and I were out walking and sweating our faces off (we looked great) and all of a sudden these people sitting watching the parade were like "Oh! Sisters!!" We never get that kind of reaction- Anywhere. So we're thinking to ourselves... "who are you??" Turns out they are members from SLC and were there for a family reunion. They got up and gave us hugs as were both dripping in sweat.. 95* plus humidity. Heat index is like 102. Its miserable. But we are still ALIVE. It was a little tender mercy from Heavenly Father... "AAHH my people!" kinda thang ya know? SO that's been fun, oh and as we were walking home we stopped and talked to a guy who had a little knowledge of the church and he asked us. "so, have you found anyone to take you through the veil yet?" I thought he was hitting on us.. ha but no. Thank goodness. We actually got hit on by 50 year old men while walking out of the Sunflower Hotel. (members live there) lets just say it was really weird.
Cassie came out with us and as we were teaching the principle of baptism she literally flipped open to a scripture that went perfect with the lesson and so we used it! She was beaming because she was sooo excited! It was adorable. She is awesome, and her testimony of the gospel is amazing. She's been a member since April. #SOLID
We had lunch with a super inactive member that wants to meet with us and eventually come back to church. She is wonderful, we talked about the Book of Mormon and she said that she didn't have one or couldn't find hers. So we gave her a new one- she was SO excited that she hugged it. "I haven't seen one of these in forever!" she said. Her whole countenance just lit up!

Definitely been a crazy and awesome week, there is probably more things that happened but I don't remember. OH! last thing. So since the ukulele's are only for Mondays now, I had the opportunity to sing to a LA and his wife that isn't a member. I sang "the angel song" and basically made Brother Weaver cry. I've never felt the spirit so strong In their house before and I think he definitely felt it. He was lost for words of how good he felt in that moment. It was a really cool experience for me. Plus I missed singing.. so it was a win/win. (:

I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE BEING A REPRESENTATIVE OF JESUS CHRIST. The gospel of Jesus Christ is TRUE and it has helped me come to love our Savior so much more because I UNDERSTAND the reality and divinity of his everlasting love. I'm so grateful for every trial and challenge on my mission because without them I wouldn't be the Sister Williams he needs me to be. SO I'm definitely grateful for all of it.
Well,  I love you all and I hope you have a enjoyable and safe week!!
Stay cooool.
<3Sister Williams
P.S sorry I didn't take very many pics because the ZL's stole my memory card and didn't give it back.. till yesterday. SO a whole weeks worth of photo ops lost! lol its okay.
P.S.S Sister Gundy goes home and I'm freaking out... NOO!

Monday, July 27, 2015


this is larry. hes pretty cute.. lol 
​they think that they are cool or something... #not!

life as a missionary

So this week was crazy! A lot of growing for sure!! There was many great things happening here in the Salina Zone. The ZL's had 2 baptisms which was awesome, we had one but some crazy accident happened and so a word to the wise is to MAKE GOOD CHOICES and always TELL THE TRUTH. God will not be mocked. 
We went on exchanges- I was here in Abilene and it was so fun! Sister Mcclees is GREAT! its so weird that she goes home next week along with my trainer (Mama Gundy) WE saw our super SOLID investigator Shadra who is white BTW. and talked to her more about the Book of Mormon. She is really interested and wants to learn more but the sad thing is that they are moving in like 4 days.. the freakin MISSOURI? like what the heck. just kidding. its fine- they will get baptized there. While we were there SHE ASKED US TO PRAY. which was probs the coolest prayer because while Sister Mcclees was praying there was a really good slow song that went to well with the situation. It was great. After we left we were both like, "I felt like I was in a movie." haha. MISSIONS ARE SO GREAT. 
At Dinner- the Browns are sooooo funny, especially they daughters who are total drama queens. Ashlyn is 12 and is like 5'9- for real. And she was getting into it with her older sister and when I tuned into the VERY SERIOUS conversation she said "Yes I know that cat judges me! But do I listen?!" HAHAHA. We died- couldn't breath for like 2 mins. they are hilarious. I love exchanges. 
Saturday we helped Cassie move tons of her stuff into the basement with the help of the elders. It was fun- I got to hold a snake and I kissed it. His name is Larry- haha. 
For like a week, the zone leaders thought I was engaged because I wear my CTR ring on my left hand.. whatever. Elder Brown would always tell me to "COME OFF IT!" is his Aussie accent... hilarious. 
But anyway! A lot went down this week but Its all led to fresh views! The Atonement was made for us to come closer to Heavenly Father and know that the Savior WANTS to forgive! Being out for almost 10 months has gone by so fast and I've never felt the love of the Savior so much ever before. One thing that I've gained a stronger of is that GOD intends to fulfill all his promises! 
I hope you all have a great week!! Stay cool! and be safe! 
Sister Forsgren came to see us!! yaya!!


There is a family here that lives in ELMO KS. yes there is such a place- and there is nothing there... lol 

​We had dinner at the Evans and their cute little daughter Chloe wants to be a missionary. (she has a little sticker on that says "future missionary") Yesterday her dad chased her around the chapel while she was laughing her head off. During the middle of the bishops closing remarks.. haha it was so funny. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Re: hi and goodbye

this is one that E. Chun and Rose wrote and they made me sing the bridge...
they are kinda crazy...

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> VOICE RECORDER TIME! hope it works! (: if not. sorry!!
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hi and goodbye

So Imma keep this short because I'm too lazy to write one. 
VOICE RECORDER TIME! hope it works! (: if not. sorry!! 

Monday, July 13, 2015


How is everyone!? Good I hope? (;
Abilene is probably my 2nd favorite place in Kansas next to Hiawatha. So many people here are super sweet that they feel bad enough for us to give us water! What great Samaritans they are- and we don't even ask! lol This week went pretty fast for me-
We were out seeing some less active recent converts- they are die hard softball people and everyone knows how I feel about softball...its the worst! So I dropped my bag and their daughter that is 10 played catch with me for like 10 mins! it was amazing. I was so happy. The cool thing that her mom was telling us was that Takiya has been telling her team about how cool the missionaries are! :D However they weren't able to come to church because they had softball and it turned out the Takiya developed Bronchitis during her games and had to go to the hospital. Her mom told us that she is convinced that she is pitching in their game tonight. haha such a good kid. The Weavers- they are also a part member family who are probably one of my favorite families here in Kansas. Brother Weaver has been less active since he was 18- he reminds me of the prodigal son a little bit. They have only came in contact with the missionaries by pure MIRACLE. His non member wife, never before ever  could point out a missionary, but when it came to serious matters she said that they just stood out and she went to them and they changed their life. Now they are feeding us every Tuesday and Thursday and we are finally getting able to share little messages with them! Brother Weaver has such a strong spirit about him, it was awesome to hear his testimony about the Atonement. A lot of his family are still strong members in the church.
Zone Training was in Hays KANSAS- talk about road trip! I love them though so it was okay. Zone Training was great, learned a lot about this new planner app and area book app that seriously takes forever to update and input information. Ugh, when its all done with it will be super effective- its just that I don't wanna do it.. lol dangit. #lazy
CHURCH was super great! we had 2 people come, Lupe and Dakota! So Dakota is living is awful conditions and his gaurdians wont let him be baptized because they hate Mormons yada yada. Well, from lots of prayers and fasting( Dakota has been fasting for like a week straight- he wants to be baptized soo bad) Their hearts have softened! they said that he could convert. :D! YESSS!!! OMG- so I was running through the halls trying to catch him and he is now on date for the 25th! He was almost in tears- So its not set in stone but it will be. He is sooo solid. We are all soo excited for him. (: After church we went to the Smiths and had waffles for lunch- super yummy! lots of whipped cream yo! (: Funny story- the Zone Leaders and our District leader all have been taking laxatives so they were constantly in the bathroom, then they complain about how dumb they were. haha love them. Funny story right? Well you have to be here. BUT The church is so true- I love this gospel! There are so many opportunities to do Gods work, and when we do them that's when they become MIRACLES!! (:
So yeah, life has been great and Abilene is awesome. I love Sister Palmer she is really great- same with my district! Everyone here in Salina is AWESOME!  Its really hot on the other hand... but its still great! (:
Scripture of the Day: Hebrews 12:1-3 with 2 Nephi 4:17-19: "And I desire to rejoice, my heart groaneth because of my sins; nevertheless, I know in whom I have trusted"

Have a GREAT week! Stay cool.

<3Sister Williams

-we did lots of service-hence the sweaty looking picture
-city of Abilene- that's from today!

Monday, July 6, 2015


Hola Familia!
How is everyone doing? Hope that yall had a great 4th of July and that you ate lots of BBQ. yumm. 
The 4th here is a lot different from what I'm used to, because no one knows how to do it right. Lots of them were blowing off fireworks during the day? like what the heck? haha that's not how you do it. We had a party in Salina with the Maupin family who are recent converts of about year! We had burgers and hot dogs... salads and lots of flies! they were taking over like crazy then add the humidity. It was great. (: 
We went and saw lots of members and walked around, but the town was seriously empty. So we kept working and we did find people to talk to- #success
While we were out and about we met this family! the dad was outside smoking and his two boys who are twins were blowing up fireworks and so we stopped to talk and we did for about 10 mins! The boys were asking what is a missionary and about church. How they knew that they should go to church every Sunday but they don't. Darold, the dad, said that us showing up at the moment was an answer to a prayer-apparently things have been pretty hard. So we have an appointment with him this Saturday! I'm really excited to get things rolling here in Abilene. There is this boy named Dakota who wants to get baptized but he cant until he's 18 due to guardian issues. But he is awesome, he loves coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon! He's already in Alma. (: 
Sunday was good, lots of awesome testimonies were shared. Salina is a great ward to be serving in. Everyone is awesome. After Relief Society one of our little sisters (she is a inactive who is starting to come back) and she came up to us after class and was like..  " So I was thinking about what I need to do to go on a mission." and we were like WHAT! OMG!- but don't worry I was composed. (: So we are pretty excited for her! They are a convert family and they are gonna be active again! (: 
 My birthday was peachy- the amazing Zone Leaders gave Chocolate Flan. and it was sooo good. they gave me man sizes and i ate the whole thing... #noregrets. 
But Its been a really good week! We have had people text us that they want to meet with us and so things are starting to happen! People are finally getting used to having sisters here in Abilene! "bout time!" :)
Well- thankyou for all the birthday wishes and cards! It really made my day that much better! (: I am grateful for awesome people like you in my life and having so much support constantly. For your spirituality-"To exercise faith is to trust that the Lord knows what Heis doing with you and that He can accomplish it for youreternal good even though you cannot understand howHe can possibly do it. We are like infants in ourunderstanding of eternal matters and their impact onus here in mortality. Yet at times we act as if we knew itall. When you pass through trials for His purposes, asyou trust Him, exercise faith in Him, He will help you.That support will generally come step by step, portionat time. While you are passing through each phase,the pain and difficulty that comes from being enlargedwill continue. If all matters were immediately resolvedat your first petition, you could not grow. Your Father inHeaven and His Beloved Son love you perfectly. Theywould not require you to experience moment more ofdifficulty than is absolutely needed for your personalbenefit or for that of those you love.
The Church is still true and I still love being a missionary!! I love everyone so much and I'm super excited to keep building up God's Kingdom on the Earth!
Have a great  WEEK!!!
<3Sister Williams