Monday, August 17, 2015

Abilene: Week 8

<3Sister Williams

Hello family and friends!!
I'm short on time so I'll have to keep this short! Training is goon
well, sister birks led the area on her first exchange! She was really
nervous but she did super awesome. I went to Salina and hung out with
sister Mitchell- taught a lady named Jennifer whose boyfriend is a
member. It was really good, read the Book of Mormon with her and
invited to church. Said she would talk to her bf... Sadly she didn't
come. But they will keep working with her.
We had 2 of our new investigators come to church! Hallelujah! Bout
time. Lol it's been really hard to get people to come to church
because of the drive.. But it's not impossible! Chase and Emily came
to church and even though it is kinda boring to 12 and 17 year olds
#guilty, they liked it! Emily was singing the hymns and went to class
with some of her friends she knows. Abilene is a small town. Ha chase
is a die hard Jayhawks fan and came to church all geared up and ready
to go! She's adorable, she also had friends there so she was happy. It
was a pretty good day at church because the Thomas' came to church
too!! They haven't been since February or something. But they were
there and participated- we were stoked to hear that. We are actually
having FHE with them tonight as well.
Ummm, we were able to have a lot of members come out with us this
week! Which was something we had a hard time last week, but God is
good and loves us.
Tomorrow we have interviews with Prez Bell and so it should be a
pretty good day.
We saw our good friend Brenda who is also investigating, she works
with members over in Junction City and so we have been teaching her
about the Book of Mormon and Joseph smith. Over the past week she's
definitely changed. She gave us an assignment and we gave her one, lol
a mutual binding commitment! She has some interesting questions that
always start out with, "you Mormons..." Like last night it was "why do
we celebrate Halloween?" Since it is a high satanic holiday... I
didn't know what to say so I just said .. "I don't know." Lol she
thought it was funny! And now she wants to feed us peach cobbler.
So we're seeing her Friday and she will be coming to church! I'm
taking away her agency because this is eternal life! But for reals.
Oh an update on Dakota, he is moving to a group home in KC. He texted
us on Friday and totally freaked us out. But he's being taken care of.
Any who! Life in Kansas always keeps getting better! I love it more
and more. Sister birks is great! She'll do great things😎
Well I hope you all have a great week! Stay safe and CTR!
Love ya like Jesus!!😇

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