Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Sorry for not emailing yesterday! I am alive.

So Sunday night was a sad day for us.. I had a horrid migrane and so we came in early and I seriously passed out in the praying position. #exhausted Then I was woken up by sister birks with the phone over my face and the look of distraught on hers. She was like its the Elder Limb! I thought I was in trouble for sleeping.. haha So I was really nervous. However, I was informed that there was going to be an ET(Emergency Transfer) and that sister Birks was moving to LAMAR CO. It was a rough night especially for her, so we spent all day driving to Dodge City, KS. which is 3 hours away from Salina. Didn't get home till 9pm. Long day in the car.. So now I am training another sister! Sister Fountain is really awesome too! She is from Orem Utah and has family in Idaho too. Her mom is from Idaho Falls. I'm excited for this transfer.. however Sister Mitchell goes home next week. ): Crazy how fast time is going, I remember when she was serving with me down in Wichita! We've been around each other for the past 4 months! I love her. 
As for the week, it was pretty exciting, we had people come to church! I am always so amazed that we have people at church because during the week it always looks like no one is coming.. who wants to drive 30 mins to church when there is another christian church on the corner. (there is seriously a church on every other corner) But we had 4 people from here and it was really good. We are still working on parental permission for Chase and Emily to get baptized. But we also have others we are working with- so we are excited! 
There was a really cool lightening storm last night! The clouds were just lighting up like crazy! Its been super humid and hot. Yesterday it was 105 with humidity... ask me how i am still alive.. I do not know! lol The temple!! oh yeah! it was awesome!! I'll send pics. Such a great experience, 2nd time on my mission. I'm spoiled. (: I didn't realize how much I missed seeing a temple till I saw it in the distance and now I understand the children's hymn. "I love to see the temple" -man,  because I was so excited!! (: I found out that the lady I was teaching down in Wichita, Miriam!! She got baptized!!! :D I actually got to see her the day before and she has changed sooo much! oh my goodness, such a huge miracle! She was so excited. When she saw me she got out of the car and had to give me a hug. it was so sweet and a tender moment. I wish I could've stayed for it. ): I love her too much, but I'll see her again sometime. (that's probably the best news of the week) 
Anyway! I'm super excited for the heat and humidity to be gone and for Fall to be here. But I have loved every single day- because its always good weather...even if its not. I've learned to always have a good attitude because that's what matters! And plus you're happier! (: 
This has been a rough week, but I came across a quote that said; "Just because God is smiling on someone else, doesn't mean he is frowning on you" Which is so true- because he loves all of us and wants what is best for us! Being a missionary is the best and I love knowing my Savior more and more. Life makes more sense when you know Jesus Christ- seriously. 
Anyway! sorry for the not so interesting email... But I love you all! 
Happy Birthday to Mama Williams! (: (belated...) 
Hope you all have a great week!! Keep on keeping on. LOVE YA!! 😘

<3Sister Savannah WIlliams 

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