Monday, July 27, 2015

life as a missionary

So this week was crazy! A lot of growing for sure!! There was many great things happening here in the Salina Zone. The ZL's had 2 baptisms which was awesome, we had one but some crazy accident happened and so a word to the wise is to MAKE GOOD CHOICES and always TELL THE TRUTH. God will not be mocked. 
We went on exchanges- I was here in Abilene and it was so fun! Sister Mcclees is GREAT! its so weird that she goes home next week along with my trainer (Mama Gundy) WE saw our super SOLID investigator Shadra who is white BTW. and talked to her more about the Book of Mormon. She is really interested and wants to learn more but the sad thing is that they are moving in like 4 days.. the freakin MISSOURI? like what the heck. just kidding. its fine- they will get baptized there. While we were there SHE ASKED US TO PRAY. which was probs the coolest prayer because while Sister Mcclees was praying there was a really good slow song that went to well with the situation. It was great. After we left we were both like, "I felt like I was in a movie." haha. MISSIONS ARE SO GREAT. 
At Dinner- the Browns are sooooo funny, especially they daughters who are total drama queens. Ashlyn is 12 and is like 5'9- for real. And she was getting into it with her older sister and when I tuned into the VERY SERIOUS conversation she said "Yes I know that cat judges me! But do I listen?!" HAHAHA. We died- couldn't breath for like 2 mins. they are hilarious. I love exchanges. 
Saturday we helped Cassie move tons of her stuff into the basement with the help of the elders. It was fun- I got to hold a snake and I kissed it. His name is Larry- haha. 
For like a week, the zone leaders thought I was engaged because I wear my CTR ring on my left hand.. whatever. Elder Brown would always tell me to "COME OFF IT!" is his Aussie accent... hilarious. 
But anyway! A lot went down this week but Its all led to fresh views! The Atonement was made for us to come closer to Heavenly Father and know that the Savior WANTS to forgive! Being out for almost 10 months has gone by so fast and I've never felt the love of the Savior so much ever before. One thing that I've gained a stronger of is that GOD intends to fulfill all his promises! 
I hope you all have a great week!! Stay cool! and be safe! 
Sister Forsgren came to see us!! yaya!!

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