Monday, July 27, 2015


this is larry. hes pretty cute.. lol 
​they think that they are cool or something... #not!

life as a missionary

So this week was crazy! A lot of growing for sure!! There was many great things happening here in the Salina Zone. The ZL's had 2 baptisms which was awesome, we had one but some crazy accident happened and so a word to the wise is to MAKE GOOD CHOICES and always TELL THE TRUTH. God will not be mocked. 
We went on exchanges- I was here in Abilene and it was so fun! Sister Mcclees is GREAT! its so weird that she goes home next week along with my trainer (Mama Gundy) WE saw our super SOLID investigator Shadra who is white BTW. and talked to her more about the Book of Mormon. She is really interested and wants to learn more but the sad thing is that they are moving in like 4 days.. the freakin MISSOURI? like what the heck. just kidding. its fine- they will get baptized there. While we were there SHE ASKED US TO PRAY. which was probs the coolest prayer because while Sister Mcclees was praying there was a really good slow song that went to well with the situation. It was great. After we left we were both like, "I felt like I was in a movie." haha. MISSIONS ARE SO GREAT. 
At Dinner- the Browns are sooooo funny, especially they daughters who are total drama queens. Ashlyn is 12 and is like 5'9- for real. And she was getting into it with her older sister and when I tuned into the VERY SERIOUS conversation she said "Yes I know that cat judges me! But do I listen?!" HAHAHA. We died- couldn't breath for like 2 mins. they are hilarious. I love exchanges. 
Saturday we helped Cassie move tons of her stuff into the basement with the help of the elders. It was fun- I got to hold a snake and I kissed it. His name is Larry- haha. 
For like a week, the zone leaders thought I was engaged because I wear my CTR ring on my left hand.. whatever. Elder Brown would always tell me to "COME OFF IT!" is his Aussie accent... hilarious. 
But anyway! A lot went down this week but Its all led to fresh views! The Atonement was made for us to come closer to Heavenly Father and know that the Savior WANTS to forgive! Being out for almost 10 months has gone by so fast and I've never felt the love of the Savior so much ever before. One thing that I've gained a stronger of is that GOD intends to fulfill all his promises! 
I hope you all have a great week!! Stay cool! and be safe! 
Sister Forsgren came to see us!! yaya!!


There is a family here that lives in ELMO KS. yes there is such a place- and there is nothing there... lol 

​We had dinner at the Evans and their cute little daughter Chloe wants to be a missionary. (she has a little sticker on that says "future missionary") Yesterday her dad chased her around the chapel while she was laughing her head off. During the middle of the bishops closing remarks.. haha it was so funny. 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Re: hi and goodbye

this is one that E. Chun and Rose wrote and they made me sing the bridge...
they are kinda crazy...

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hi and goodbye

So Imma keep this short because I'm too lazy to write one. 
VOICE RECORDER TIME! hope it works! (: if not. sorry!! 

Monday, July 13, 2015


How is everyone!? Good I hope? (;
Abilene is probably my 2nd favorite place in Kansas next to Hiawatha. So many people here are super sweet that they feel bad enough for us to give us water! What great Samaritans they are- and we don't even ask! lol This week went pretty fast for me-
We were out seeing some less active recent converts- they are die hard softball people and everyone knows how I feel about softball...its the worst! So I dropped my bag and their daughter that is 10 played catch with me for like 10 mins! it was amazing. I was so happy. The cool thing that her mom was telling us was that Takiya has been telling her team about how cool the missionaries are! :D However they weren't able to come to church because they had softball and it turned out the Takiya developed Bronchitis during her games and had to go to the hospital. Her mom told us that she is convinced that she is pitching in their game tonight. haha such a good kid. The Weavers- they are also a part member family who are probably one of my favorite families here in Kansas. Brother Weaver has been less active since he was 18- he reminds me of the prodigal son a little bit. They have only came in contact with the missionaries by pure MIRACLE. His non member wife, never before ever  could point out a missionary, but when it came to serious matters she said that they just stood out and she went to them and they changed their life. Now they are feeding us every Tuesday and Thursday and we are finally getting able to share little messages with them! Brother Weaver has such a strong spirit about him, it was awesome to hear his testimony about the Atonement. A lot of his family are still strong members in the church.
Zone Training was in Hays KANSAS- talk about road trip! I love them though so it was okay. Zone Training was great, learned a lot about this new planner app and area book app that seriously takes forever to update and input information. Ugh, when its all done with it will be super effective- its just that I don't wanna do it.. lol dangit. #lazy
CHURCH was super great! we had 2 people come, Lupe and Dakota! So Dakota is living is awful conditions and his gaurdians wont let him be baptized because they hate Mormons yada yada. Well, from lots of prayers and fasting( Dakota has been fasting for like a week straight- he wants to be baptized soo bad) Their hearts have softened! they said that he could convert. :D! YESSS!!! OMG- so I was running through the halls trying to catch him and he is now on date for the 25th! He was almost in tears- So its not set in stone but it will be. He is sooo solid. We are all soo excited for him. (: After church we went to the Smiths and had waffles for lunch- super yummy! lots of whipped cream yo! (: Funny story- the Zone Leaders and our District leader all have been taking laxatives so they were constantly in the bathroom, then they complain about how dumb they were. haha love them. Funny story right? Well you have to be here. BUT The church is so true- I love this gospel! There are so many opportunities to do Gods work, and when we do them that's when they become MIRACLES!! (:
So yeah, life has been great and Abilene is awesome. I love Sister Palmer she is really great- same with my district! Everyone here in Salina is AWESOME!  Its really hot on the other hand... but its still great! (:
Scripture of the Day: Hebrews 12:1-3 with 2 Nephi 4:17-19: "And I desire to rejoice, my heart groaneth because of my sins; nevertheless, I know in whom I have trusted"

Have a GREAT week! Stay cool.

<3Sister Williams

-we did lots of service-hence the sweaty looking picture
-city of Abilene- that's from today!

Monday, July 6, 2015


Hola Familia!
How is everyone doing? Hope that yall had a great 4th of July and that you ate lots of BBQ. yumm. 
The 4th here is a lot different from what I'm used to, because no one knows how to do it right. Lots of them were blowing off fireworks during the day? like what the heck? haha that's not how you do it. We had a party in Salina with the Maupin family who are recent converts of about year! We had burgers and hot dogs... salads and lots of flies! they were taking over like crazy then add the humidity. It was great. (: 
We went and saw lots of members and walked around, but the town was seriously empty. So we kept working and we did find people to talk to- #success
While we were out and about we met this family! the dad was outside smoking and his two boys who are twins were blowing up fireworks and so we stopped to talk and we did for about 10 mins! The boys were asking what is a missionary and about church. How they knew that they should go to church every Sunday but they don't. Darold, the dad, said that us showing up at the moment was an answer to a prayer-apparently things have been pretty hard. So we have an appointment with him this Saturday! I'm really excited to get things rolling here in Abilene. There is this boy named Dakota who wants to get baptized but he cant until he's 18 due to guardian issues. But he is awesome, he loves coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon! He's already in Alma. (: 
Sunday was good, lots of awesome testimonies were shared. Salina is a great ward to be serving in. Everyone is awesome. After Relief Society one of our little sisters (she is a inactive who is starting to come back) and she came up to us after class and was like..  " So I was thinking about what I need to do to go on a mission." and we were like WHAT! OMG!- but don't worry I was composed. (: So we are pretty excited for her! They are a convert family and they are gonna be active again! (: 
 My birthday was peachy- the amazing Zone Leaders gave Chocolate Flan. and it was sooo good. they gave me man sizes and i ate the whole thing... #noregrets. 
But Its been a really good week! We have had people text us that they want to meet with us and so things are starting to happen! People are finally getting used to having sisters here in Abilene! "bout time!" :)
Well- thankyou for all the birthday wishes and cards! It really made my day that much better! (: I am grateful for awesome people like you in my life and having so much support constantly. For your spirituality-"To exercise faith is to trust that the Lord knows what Heis doing with you and that He can accomplish it for youreternal good even though you cannot understand howHe can possibly do it. We are like infants in ourunderstanding of eternal matters and their impact onus here in mortality. Yet at times we act as if we knew itall. When you pass through trials for His purposes, asyou trust Him, exercise faith in Him, He will help you.That support will generally come step by step, portionat time. While you are passing through each phase,the pain and difficulty that comes from being enlargedwill continue. If all matters were immediately resolvedat your first petition, you could not grow. Your Father inHeaven and His Beloved Son love you perfectly. Theywould not require you to experience moment more ofdifficulty than is absolutely needed for your personalbenefit or for that of those you love.
The Church is still true and I still love being a missionary!! I love everyone so much and I'm super excited to keep building up God's Kingdom on the Earth!
Have a great  WEEK!!!
<3Sister Williams


some 4th of July pictures!