Monday, January 25, 2016

more pics!


Hey Family!
So this week was pretty funnn.. last monday we went to a trampoline park on the east side of wichita. No one got hurt so that was good, I only biffed it once- haha this kind ran across the tramp I was on and so I was just trying to avoid killing him. I looked awesome... :D
We have an investigator who has a strong addiction to drugs.. so we went over wednesday to see how she was doing with reading and praying.. and she was SO HIGH. #dude. 
ha the whole time she was telling us that she swears she isn't high- but she didn't know why she was SO happy? (woman, what did you smoke?) Eventually, after telling us her whole life story, turned out she had smoked crystal meth monday night..apparently all her roommates all are on that too. So in her apartment there is a smog.. its just super cloudy and so that night and we were there for about an hour...Sister Houston and I were a bit hyper.. lol the next morning I threw up. #don'tdodrugs. Its funny now but then it wasn't too fun. 
We went on exchanges with our lovely Rolling Hills sisters! I went with Sister Tafua, she is from Laie Hawaii! She is super sick- and we had the best time. Lots of miracles happened because of FAITH. She has such a strong testimony of missionary work- its really inspiring. (: I also had spam for the first time.. its not that bad. ha She LOVES IT. She told me that she would teach me how to surf and all that fun stuff. I'm totes going to Hawaii. (: 
hmm.. We had transfers- I'm staying in Maize with sister houston! wooh! But alot of my friends went home... its so weird. I hate transfers.. they suck. ): 
We also had a World Wide Missionary training that was broadcasted from SLC- it was great! I learned alot, they focused alot on Repentance and baptizing converts. Something that stood out to me is that I need to rely on the spirit more when I teach. I could SAY all I want that I think sounds great but if the spirit isn't there- its not going to make a difference. He is the TRUE teacher and the one who makes all the difference in missionary work. 
Sunday was GREAT- we had Tatyanna and her mom come to sacrament meeting. All the talks were on family history and temples.. and her mom had alot of questions! I honestly didn't know what to say or how to say anything without it sounding like we are insane..(I'm good at making things confusing) But a lot of the members were around and were able to help me out. God is great! Something that was said in a talk was  "the temple shows the wisdom and mercy of our Heavenly Father". I haven't  ever thought about it that way- Ordinances are so important! Tatyanna is really excited about church and she even participated in taking the sacrament which is new! She wants to be baptized but she wants to wait til summer. #noooo Get baptized now! ha ha 
Anyway- I can't remember much else- the weather is so annoying. It was 55 yesterday and today its FREEZING. Gah. But Kansas is awesome, I love it! Serving in Wichita is super fun, there are alot of really prepared people and the members are wonderful. I hope you all have a great week and stay warm where ever you are! (: I know Heavenly Father is mindful of you and takes care of you. <3Sister WIlliams

​"And the Lord God doth work by means to bring about his great and eternal purposes; and by very small means the Lord doth confound the wise and bringeth about the salvation of many souls."

Monday, January 18, 2016

best week ever.

So we had a really fun filled week with exchanges with both sets of spanish speaking sisters! I am now fluent- in the 3 sentences I now know. (: It was alot of fun! I went to Kellogg with Sister Flygare! We saw lots of miracles, one was teaching a Hispanic family and two of their girls want to be baptized! It's very exciting because they know they need the gospel in their life. Their older brother has made some pretty crappy choices, and was put on house arrest- however he cut off his ankle bracelet and ran away. While we were there teaching he comes walking in the house, he was super kind and shook our hands, then went into the kitchen to eat. I was soo confused as to what had just happened. Then the mom, 5 minutes later, said the police were coming to get him. So we left- ah man the good things that happen in the ghetto of wichita! I missed it so much. haha. We walked across Broadway, talked to alot of hispanic people and I pretended like I spoke spanish. haha esta bien. 
I went with Hermana Viera, she is from Puerto Rico! man, she is crazy and hilarious. She taught me alot of spanish while I was with her. We had fun though, talked to people in ENGLISH because she was my area haha. This one lady we were talking to wasn't too interested in talking to us and was beating around the bush, but sister viera wasn't going to leave until they flat out said "Im not interested!" so she just kept messing with the poor lady by asking bold questions.. "soo, if God told you to pray about it would you?"... We finally left. 

So this whole transfer, oh yeah Im staying in Wichita with Sister Houston!! (: She goes home in 6 weeks... 😲 Anyway, we have been trying to find this girl named Flor. We have had no clue where she went, phone is disconnected and apparently she moved. So we were with a member who knew Flor from school and was pretty good friends with her as well. We were going to the same apartment complex where she had previously lived. SO we knocked on the door for this former investigator, the girl who answered wasn't who we were looking for but it was FLOR!! hahaha omg, so crazy. I was giving our speel of we were and what we do- when she invited us in?! Then as we were walking in, the member saw who it was and was like "This is Flor!". total miracle! God is so good. SO she is now working towards overcoming a bad addiction to illegal drugs and being baptized in February! We are soo excited!! (: 
But we had a fun week! At least I did. Oh and I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting on missionary work, I totally winged it. The Spirit is a great companion. haha. 😇
Then I was asked to play a musical number on the piano as well.. only messed up like twice.. lol 
Anyway! I love you all!!! I love serving and representing Jesus Christ! Its the best thing and I cry about it because I love it SO MUCH. One of my fave missionaries, that I love so much,  goes home this week.. ): Crazy. I love this gospel so much, I know it is true. 

Have a wonderful week! we are going to a trampoline place.. hopefully I don't break anything! #knockonwood

Monday, January 11, 2016


hey hey!!
We had a great week! Its definitely super cold- like 40*. brrrrr.. haha (;
I wish I could remember the week and what we did, but it was mostly meetings and more meetings. They were all super spiritual and inspiring! I learned a lot! Like being on time is super good- lol dang zone leaders. But it was really fun! I got to see a lot of the people I came out with at Mission Leadership Council! #reunion <3
Then the rest of the week we worked hard to find people to come to church and then our sweet investigator told us that her and dad were coming! #MIRACLE 
we have tried alot to help her come and every time she's been busy or her parents couldn't take her. But they came yesterday and we're actually EARLY. that is very rare. But it was really a good experience and time for her- she liked it alot better than the HUGE Pathway Church (they try really hard to anti people from us) We are pretty popular. (; 
Also- the dad is super nice and totally supportive of Tatyanna! He has had friends that are DEVOUT mormons and when I asked him what he thought he said "Nothing's changed." haha he has been to services before and I guess its the same from what he remembers. But that's a good thing I guess. He's really cool! And all the members were super friendly and welcoming! #bonus
After Church we had a linger longer for the YSA ward- we ate like champs yesterday. So by the end of the day I was sooo tired. I may or may not have fallen asleep while planning.... oops. hehe. 
But overall we had a fun week- lots of driving but we stay entertained. 
Anyway- people keep telling me I"m an old timer in the mission... which is super rude of them. I still have 3 months left thank you! My mission has meant the world to me and I wouldn't change it for anything. I love Kansas so much, hands down- the best place in the world. That is why they call it the Heartland! #truth
Have a great week and stay safe!! 
I thought I would be random and send yall some inspiration!

"Happiness is a condition of the soul. This joyous state comes as a result of righteous living."

—Benjamín De Hoyos

"But behold, I, Nephi, will show unto you that the tender mercies of the Lord are over all those whom he hath chosen, because of their faith, to make them mighty even unto the power of deliverance."

1 Nephi 1:20

 I love you all so much! 

Sister Savannah Williams


Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year in Wichita!!

Hello! Happy New Year to y'all! Hope it was super exciting and crazy?!
So we had a fun week, we went on exchanges with our sweet sisters and had lots of faith growing miracles. I stayed in the west side of Wichita with sister Southwick- we were in Maize trying to get in contact with our missing investigator and as we were pulling into the home development a lady waved at us... #notnormal. And so I felt like we needed to talk to but I was kidna scared. Yes I'm human. So we tried our investie- she wasn't home. When we were walking back to our car the lady was gone. But as we were leaving she came outside again, and the promoting to talk to her came again... So we stopped the car parked on the side. As we were getting out I had no idea what this looked like to the lady but I just opened my mouth and yelled to her and asked if we could talk to her for a minute. We ended up talking to her for like 10, but she is so cool. Her family is so sweet and goes to a very popular church called New Spring which they love. But we gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read 3 Nephi 11- and she said we could come back! So we went back last night expecting to talk about the Book of Mormon, however we stayed for like 30 minutes and they had so many questions about our beliefs and what is so different. What is a Mormon? They actually spent some time thinking about us! Haha so we shared the restoration and it was one of my favorite lessons of my mission. They are an awesome family- however they really love their church but they said that they would like to hear more. #theywillbebaptized someday. Then we got in contact with our missing investigator!! And she is so excited to meet with us, even her cute little boy had been asking about us. So we had a really fun day yesterday- it was fast and testimony meeting and I was in the YSA Ward... So there is like 12 of us. Soo I bore my testimony and it felt good. 😎 I also led the music too in sacrament. Lol! Our Zone is doing well, we have a lot of cool missionaries.  Elder Hunt is now our Zone Leader and I get to serve with him! Funny huh. We met in a YSA Ward and now we're both serving missions in the same YSA Ward in the same mission. God is hilarious. I love it though, it's so much fun! Today we finally went shopping and I washed my laundry.. So it's been a good day! Ha it's 33 degrees and sunny! Wooh! I'm gonna get a tan out here. Lol jk. 
Anyway- I can't remember much, other than I finished the Book of Mormon before the new year and it was so much fun.. I never thought i would say that reading scriptures was fun. But it was and I am super excited that we are studying it in Sunday school this year. The thing I learned this time was how exciting the Restoration is... In the end of the Book of Mormon, the world seems to be coming to an end of everything good. Moroni bears his dying testimony... If I could say anything to make you understand the love of God and Jesus Christ "Come unto Christ and be perfected in him..." Them he buries the plates and then what? What happened, we don't know! So when Joseph Smith restored the gospel to the earth, IT WAS A BIG DEAL. but I'm so grateful for it and I love being a representative of Christ for this short 18 months...but I plan on this forever... It's been amazing. 
I love you all! Have a great new year and stay true to your resolutions! #losingweight? 

<3Sister Williams