Monday, August 3, 2015


This week was really crazy/emotional/AWESOME.

Since I'm lost for words like usual.. Sister Palmer is the new STL in Salina and I'm training a new missionary! Her name is Sister Birks and I know nothing about her.. hopefully shes pretty sweet. (: That's not asking for much right? lol But we got a phone call from the AP's and Prez lastnight within 30 mins of each other. So It was pretty cray. Sis. Palmer was freaking out hardcore lastnight because she didn't want to train and so when she found out she was a leader in the mission! #emotionalwreck haha but she's good now!
Anyway, Abilene has been lots of fun, and there are a lot of really awesome people out here! We met a super cool lady named Sandra from Minnesota that had been meeting with the missionaries and loved it all! But her husband is devout catholic she has to support him and I guess that's alright too. She's awesome.
We have been walking a lot since we blew our mile allotment out of the water last month... but we didn't get parked because we have such AWESOME zone leaders- they gave us extra miles..They are the best seriously. I'm sad that one of them is leaving, but i'll get over it. lol There has been this Rodeo/ Fair thing going on since Friday and Abilene has been the happening place. Sis. Palmer and I were out walking and sweating our faces off (we looked great) and all of a sudden these people sitting watching the parade were like "Oh! Sisters!!" We never get that kind of reaction- Anywhere. So we're thinking to ourselves... "who are you??" Turns out they are members from SLC and were there for a family reunion. They got up and gave us hugs as were both dripping in sweat.. 95* plus humidity. Heat index is like 102. Its miserable. But we are still ALIVE. It was a little tender mercy from Heavenly Father... "AAHH my people!" kinda thang ya know? SO that's been fun, oh and as we were walking home we stopped and talked to a guy who had a little knowledge of the church and he asked us. "so, have you found anyone to take you through the veil yet?" I thought he was hitting on us.. ha but no. Thank goodness. We actually got hit on by 50 year old men while walking out of the Sunflower Hotel. (members live there) lets just say it was really weird.
Cassie came out with us and as we were teaching the principle of baptism she literally flipped open to a scripture that went perfect with the lesson and so we used it! She was beaming because she was sooo excited! It was adorable. She is awesome, and her testimony of the gospel is amazing. She's been a member since April. #SOLID
We had lunch with a super inactive member that wants to meet with us and eventually come back to church. She is wonderful, we talked about the Book of Mormon and she said that she didn't have one or couldn't find hers. So we gave her a new one- she was SO excited that she hugged it. "I haven't seen one of these in forever!" she said. Her whole countenance just lit up!

Definitely been a crazy and awesome week, there is probably more things that happened but I don't remember. OH! last thing. So since the ukulele's are only for Mondays now, I had the opportunity to sing to a LA and his wife that isn't a member. I sang "the angel song" and basically made Brother Weaver cry. I've never felt the spirit so strong In their house before and I think he definitely felt it. He was lost for words of how good he felt in that moment. It was a really cool experience for me. Plus I missed singing.. so it was a win/win. (:

I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE BEING A REPRESENTATIVE OF JESUS CHRIST. The gospel of Jesus Christ is TRUE and it has helped me come to love our Savior so much more because I UNDERSTAND the reality and divinity of his everlasting love. I'm so grateful for every trial and challenge on my mission because without them I wouldn't be the Sister Williams he needs me to be. SO I'm definitely grateful for all of it.
Well,  I love you all and I hope you have a enjoyable and safe week!!
Stay cooool.
<3Sister Williams
P.S sorry I didn't take very many pics because the ZL's stole my memory card and didn't give it back.. till yesterday. SO a whole weeks worth of photo ops lost! lol its okay.
P.S.S Sister Gundy goes home and I'm freaking out... NOO!

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