Monday, November 30, 2015


Hello everyone! 
I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving- ate lots of food that you don't regret right? This week was really interesting, but also it was good! Here's what went on! 
1. Sister fountain lost her iPad on Monday while we were at Rue 21.. We drove all the way home til she realized she didn't have it. So we hurried and called the store and real life miracle was that it was still there! It was crazy. 
2. We went on Exchanges with sister eyre, came to Abilene and had a blast.😝 we saw Becky and helped create a plan to help her feel more prepared to be baptized! Now she's working towards the 12th! We had this lesson in Burger King btw. #heckya 
3. Slaughtered a turkey! So gross. We went out to the Harbaughs and legit killed a turkey... Sister fountain bout passed out too. Haha it was nasty but we had an anatomy lesson while he was explaining what he was doing.. Ew. But I did take pictures of seriously everything, from the heart to the intestines! Y'all lucked out. Lol but it was fun- after that we came to Cassie's house and made sea food for thanksgiving.. I didn't like it.. But I ate it. 
4. Then for thanksgiving we Ate octopus and crawfish. Went Mongolian instead of American this year, it was good! Weird but good. The members were playing Christmas music which was nice, then somehow it got switched to Relient K and Twisted Sister Christmas... I just talked to drown out the noise. It was pretty funny. We had dinner right after that one and holy cow- they made the best cheesecake and gave us 1/8 slices. It destroyed me. So I'll definitely remember this thanksgiving. 
5. Had a total of 6 thanksgiving dinners... #stillfeellikecrap 
6. There was an Ice storm and it froze everything with an inch thick of ice! And we walked in it. It was insane! Tree branches, more like half the tree would rip off and crush power lines, close down streets and on top of it icy roads. It was great- we met lots of people. One guy wasn't too keen of us Mormons," I'm Roman Catholic"  his daughter was atheist. Other than him we met some pretty nice people while we were giving out pass along cards for the new "A savior is born" video! It's really good by the way if you haven't watched it. 
7. Church was cancelled but we were given permission to have a mini sacrament meeting at a members house, while walking there a tree branch almost squashed us. 
I promise we are working. Ha we had dinner at an investigators house and her family! They were all really awesome- she's more interested in the church right now than her husband but he's coming around. She's convinced that she'll get us to have coffee but that ain't gonna happen. We taught her the word of wisdom that night too.. Lol but she loves the Book of Mormon, she said that she reads it while she's taking a bath. 🙃 anyway! Abilene is crazy and kinda thawing at the moment, but I love it! We are reading the Book of Mormon as a mission again this year, and so far it's been amazing. They have given us an extra hour to read it everyday- and it's the best hour of my life. 💟 
I love you all! Hope you all have a great week and stay warm! ❄️🌨❄️❄️
And the library is closed... All my pics are on my camera. Lame. 

<3Sister Williams

Monday, November 16, 2015

Abilene and my stupid tooth.

I just had my wisdom tooth pulled out.. I thought I would humor you.

<3Sister Williams

My dearest family and friends,
Today is gonna be a great one because I get to have my wisdom tooth out. #holla
However, our past week was quite the refiners fire. Not gonna lie it
was tough, but with the powers of the atonement and the love from
heaven- it needed up being such a growing week for both of us
spiritually. We met some really cool people, 2 of them came to church
and loved it. It was such a miracle, because we met them walking to
see a less active, sister fountain just said, hi.. Then after that we
gave them a Book of Mormon, asked if we could come back that night,
they said yes! So we went back and had shared a message about the Book
of Mormon and invited them to church.. And they were totally down to
coming and they could even drive themselves..#rareinabilene..that
Sunday we went by that morning to make sure they were still coming and
they were still in bed at like 8am.. So we were stressing. So we left
and headed to church and it was about as we were pulling into the
parking lot that they texted us and told us that they were coming but
they would late. Ahh! Yes! God seriously provided so much this week.
Okay, seriously met the most interesting man in my life.. He is a
mystic. That's a religion..
So he told us all about his beliefs, however he couldn't say too much
or else he would be killed or seriously hurt.. So I was kinda freaked
out. So to help y'all understand what I'm talking about, think about
the voodoo man on princess and the frog and Harry Potter combined.
That is this dudes beliefs.. He's interesting. Sister fountain and I
were both looking at each other like..."how did we get ourselves into
this.." Lol but I did sing the "Angel song" to his little girl named
Raven and then we ran away... Just kidding we just left very swiftly.
So sister fountain and I haven't gone grocery shopping in like 3
weeks.. Be we #lazy. so we haven't had much food. Yesterday proved
that we definitely needed to- but since it being Sunday that wasn't an
option. Then around 7pm a member called us and told us to come over
and have dinner with them! #milagro! Haha I think it is.. But the
member said that she had a strong prompting to call us even after she
tried to deny the prompting.. We were glad she didn't! Then her
husband told us this morning that he was buying us cereal because we
need breakfast. Lol we love them.
But other than that, that's been our week! Sorry for being lame... Anyway!
I am loving Abilene so much, I am so blessed to be here in the best
mission in the world with the best missionaries ever! Thankyou for all
the love and support- it's means so much. I think the world of all of
you! I hope you all have a super week and remember than sister
Williams loves ya.🤓
Ponderize scripture for this week is Alma 37:36.

Love y'all so much!!

Monday, November 2, 2015

this weeeeekk//

Alrightt.... well.... 
Halloween was pretty cool because we were blessed with the opportunity to hear from one of the new apostles, Elder Gary E. Stevenson! He actually came here for Stake Conference in Salina. So Saturday we sat in meetings from 1:30-6:30.. but it was totally awesome. My butt was really tired of sitting though, and a few missionaries from our district got to sing a musical number during our missionary meeting. We didn't get home til 9 pm and then the next day was another apostle filled day! So our weekend was pretty good!
 I feel like Halloween always trumps the week.. other than the trunk or treat.. we were the cool missionaries who brought candy bars and went around asking people questions about the book of Mormon and if they got it right.. Bam you won yourself a candy bar. Turned out the questions we asked stumped a lot of people.. hehe!  we also wore peacock face masks.. #dollarstore
This weekend we have a baptism coming up! Which we are super excited for! The Stephensons Family is so awesome, they are a returning less active family who recently moved to Abilene. The mom was the one who stopped us on the street who told us she was looking for us! lol They all came to church yesterday and they even brought a friend! 

Cool Milagro, so yesterday sister flowers (fountain) A guy in our ward cant get her name right.. ever.. we're known as the "sister elders", and I sister willy, fasted with a less active young woman and we definitely saw blessings and miracles with the hearts of the people of Abilene soften. After Stake Conference, sister fountain and I divided and conquered- she went and talked to the LA sisters who came to conference, and she asked US if we could all sit down and have a talk about her going on a mission... AH! She said that she had such an amazing experience fasting that when she walked in to the opening song, she just started crying and felt the spirit. Later that night she texted us saying that she has never felt so full while fasting. (: It was such an awesome day. 

Sorry this is short but I don't know what else to say.. I love my mission? yes. Its been the best thing I've ever done in my life- nothing compares to the happiness you feel while serving others in the best possible way. Our mission had 63 precious souls be baptized last month which was amazing, and we are soo on our way to hitting our vision of 100/ month. kansas is where it is at! #notcominghome. sorry mom. (; 

My new favorite scripture is found in 2 nephi 2:2 "...and he shall consecrate thine afflictions for thy gain." Which is talking about the enabling powers of the Atonement, which have helped become more like the Savior truly come to know him and love him. 
I'll jump off my soap box, I love you all so much and I cant thank you enough for all you do. It means so much. (: Have such a great week!! (: