Monday, August 31, 2015

Last day of August... ew.

Well well well... Another month gone and I get to go to the temple tomorrow and I'm sooo excited! (: We had district meeting this morning and got a lot of good inspiration from that. Our mission reached our goal of 50 baptisms plus 1! #Godisgood There was a lot of prayer and an increase of faith from everyone. I definitely gained a testimony of having a sense of urgency and inviting those we meet to be baptized whether or not they know much or anything. When we bare testimony and follow the spirit, they will want to know more. Yesterday sister birks and I commited to the Lord that we would repent and go out and invite! We had a cool opportunity yesterday when we were trying to find a potential but she wasn't home and as we were walking down the hall a man walked out of his room. (we were in a hotel) and I felt like I had seen him before so I was like "hey whats up!?" intstantly had a pretty good conversation, plus he had some neat shoes on. lol But he asked US for our card, which went into testifying of the Restoration and there we invited him to be baptized and that testifying some more that this was for him. He said yes! #miracle. It was a good day yesterday when there were so many things that could of made it a bad day. however, its always good weather- no matter what. We had just got back from church and were trying to contact an unbaptized child that was on our records. We get there, and the dad was awful to us, "were not interested!" and me and my mouth got going.. "okay! Well we need to clear this up so we know!" turns out a few years ago, words were said by a member and now this family wants nothing to do with us. Its sad. He then asked us to "get off the porch, please." So that was rough. So to cheer us up we walked to the nursing home and taught the plan of salvation to our cute little member Edna. Whenever we ask her how she is doing,she replies "I'm ornery as ever!" haha. #everytime. We sang to her and she then sang "Im a child of God" with us as she cried. She told us that she loved us-  and it was such a boost! We love her๐Ÿ˜˜
Our zone did really well this week, so that was good to hear because I thought this week was horrid. Everything kept falling through and I was seriously so confused as to why!! LOL But I just kept praying for strength to not wanna quit and God kept telling me to "keep trying". Sister Birks is doing really well, she has come out of her shell alot. She gave a great training on URGENCY! We are getting a long beautifully. We spent lots of time walking and talking... there was a day when my back was soaked in sweat. #nasty Like I don't get how to look presentable here in Kansas because the darn humidity ruins your hair-do and then its hot and you sweat profusely! the sister missionary pics are misleading.. Anyway! haha. Missions are great! Emily and Chase are still on date to be baptized, however their mom won't let them get baptized because were not Catholic. Yet, she doesn't go to church.. and won't meet us. Its a weird situation. But we are gonna keep having faith that God will soften her heart. We had dinner with the Weavers last night. Sadly they are moving to Florida soon. hmm what else.. Other than sister birks is awesome and that I love her. There isn't much else to tell yall...  OH! they did find bile in my gallbladder so they want to do a high def scan and make sure there aren't any stones in it. So I'll be fine. (: Abilene is full of awesome people and I love it. Its so weird that 2 months has FLOWN by. Bishop Brunner was asking me about some people and I told him that I haven't seen them for almost 2 months... he was like "have you been here that long?" ...yes... (he's not the most observant) lol but he's so funny. One Sunday he was announcing an advancement in the priesthood to this kid and apparently the boy was taking too long to come to the pulpit and bishop was like, "hurry up!" ๐Ÿ˜ฒ #rantothepulpit 
good times in Salina! (: 
Well I hope you all have a good week and that you read the Book of Mormon+say your prayers. Moroni 8:16, "...perfect love casteth out ALL fear"
LOVE YA!! <3Sister Williams

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