Monday, August 24, 2015


So last week was pretty good! I can't remember much but it has been a good so far!
I am loving Abilene more and more and I am here! its already been 2 months! today is that 2month mark which I think is crazy. Our two little investigators came to church yesterday and loved it again. Its also nice when they have friends there that they can go to class with. they are planning on being baptized on September 5th! So we are workin with them. they gave us a scare on Friday though. We had an appointment with them and as we were on our way we saw them walking to sonic. So we stopped and asked them what was going on and apparently their mom wasn't have the best day so they were kinda on edge with us. They said that they could only meet with us once a week and even that didn't sound convincing! I was tripping out! Satan is such a butthead. after that we were a little disheartened and frustrated. Plus our district leader was there with us to meet them. So we went to find our new investigator that lives clear out in the middle of nowhere! #nomoremiles ); So we saw them all outside (his family) and I think they knew who we were, because when we got out of the car they had all gone inside. We knocked like policemen on their door and they ignored rude. haha. So I felt like we needed to go figure out what was going on with Chase and Emily so we went to their house and they were kind of surprised to see us. But we talked it out and they weren't too sure if they could come to church. But because God is so good, he definitely softened their mamas heart and the next day when we went back to see them. (we had been walking all day and we were both sweaty messes) They were happy to see us and we had a great lesson about the Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom. (: They came to church obviously. But it was too funny, We showed them the baptismal font, and they were kinda nervous as we were opening the font doors- Emily was like "are we gonna die?" NO!  But there were huge spiders in the font so I don't how good that looked to them.. lol I think the funniest thing I was asked was "how do you know that they aren't going to drown you?" It was cute.
School starts for them tomorrow too! So they are pretty excited!

Anyway! Its been a really hot summer out here, lots of BUGS. ew. We were sitting in a LA's house and we were both getting bites from who knows what! living in their couch.. I was terrified that they were bed bugs.. #notagain! its okay. it wasn't. We are going to the Temple in KC next week and I am sooo excited!! this is my 2nd time on my mission!! heck ya! (:
I love LOVE going there.. even though its 3 hours away from Salina, Its totally worth it. Apparently before the KC temple was built, Salina was in the Manti Temple boundary! Before that it was Chicago! YEAH. all you people with temples RIGHT THERE. We are working with progressing those who are new to the church to go to the temple! Appparently! Aide down in Wichita went for her first time and did baptisms for the dead and loved it soo much!! She has changed aton and its been such a testimony builder for me to see the gospel truly bless her life and to see the difference. I LOVE being a missionary and the opportunity I have to help others see the blessings and teach them. There is no greater service, "cant stop, wont stop" (;
I love you all and pray that you all are always safe! Keep on keeping on!
<3Sister Williams

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