Monday, September 21, 2015

quick and easy! because im too lazy!

well! this is gonna be short because i don't really know what to say!
Abilene is doing really well right now- Chase is looking towards baptism this saturday! She is adorable. We walked alot this week and man was is hot and muggy. But its now cooled off alot thank goodness. (: 

We are teaching some pretty interesting people, one wants to even marry Sister Fountain after he gets baptized. #aintgonnahappen 
And its kinda funny when they're probably the most normal people we are teaching. #kansas
However, I remind myself that everyone needs the gospel! God loves everyone and so should sister williams! haha 

We had FHE with a less active family which has been awesome to see the change in them as a family. Their daughter Satira isn't a member but, she participated and even said the closing prayer! It was awesome- the spirit definitely has been working on her lately. in her prayer she said "thankyou for letting us have FHE, I really needed it tonight" and there was just a bunch of laughing instead of screaming this time.(: 

Church was great, spent most of the day in Salina because we had the Mission prez devo- which I had to play the piano. I seriously was doing super great with prelude but when it started. Any talent I had was just *POOF* gone. haha everyone made it out alive. It was really a great meeting and we had 3 non members come and they now want to start meeting with us and even start reading the Book of Mormon! (: 

Well! thats about all, we are having a stake pday here! Salina is the best and I love, LOVE love being a missionary and plainly just always being happy. Like you could seriously be having the worst day ever- but its not.. BECaUSE I'm serving the Lord and knowing that everything is gonna work out. #thebest

K well, I hope you all have a super fantastic week!! LOVE YA! thanks for all ya do! oh and happy belated birthday trey! sorry, I'm sending you something.. it might just be a little while.. sorry. #snailmail... 

Love ya!

<3Sister WIlliams 

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