Monday, December 14, 2015

back in Weechitahhh..

okay so its been great being in the NICE part of the big city! 
Being a leader in the mission hasn't set in yet, probs because its only been like 5 days.. pfft! What do I know. #hardlyanything. 
But we had a good week, we met a lot of people, some nice some crazy some just... not. But Its awesome. I love it here and Sister Houston is awesome. She had Bronchitis for like 3 weeks... so its been a party- we finally cleaned out apartment because it looked like WW3 went down in there. 
Church was great- and then half way through Sacrament we get a text from the YSA relief society prez asking if we would like extra blessings and could teach the lesson.. we cant say no- so we did and it turned out pretty good. (We also cover YSA ward) hmmm.. we are always busy. We cover the Derby Zone sisters and my baby is also there so I'm really happy to have her back in Kansas and not Colorado.. its better over here.  (; 
It hasn't snowed yet either.. lame. 
But as for the work here, its been alot of fun! We have  fun elders and an awesome ward mission leader. He does so much to help out and the cool thing is that the ward is also pretty missionary minded. which is a bonus! We had a ward Christmas party and we were in the 12 days of Chritsmas skit.. we were the pipers piping.. he he  and plus Santa is in our ward! so he was there. Lots of food and cool people. Oh and the Stake President is a Williams... and his family is from Idaho... coincidence? no. and I have met so many people from Idaho its ridiculous. I was totally meant to be here..:D
But I'm loving it here so much, I'm really excited for Christmas! Also... the extended my mission by a week so I wont be home til April 21~ so I just thought Id let yall know! (: hurray!!!
I'm so grateful to be a member of Christ church and I was actually thinking about Heavenly Father and how much he loves us.. but he loves all of his children equally, no matter who they are, what religion they are. But because of the restored gospel, we learn to love him more and have more to love about our Father in Heaven- To have a personal relationship with him and our savior that is eternal! Its such a blessing.  
I love my mission!! its been amazing and is going by too fast.. its gross..
But I hope you all have a great week and keep on being awesome. #churchistrue

<3Sister WIlliams

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