Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas is this week.

SO our week was a lot of fun. we went on exchanges with some of our sisters and had a blast! 
I went to Harrison Park and rode a bike for the first time on my mission, man am I out of shape. We biked 7 miles... up hill.. goodness. I'm grateful for a car. and I give lots of props to all the missionaries who ride bikes. I also had exchanges with Sister Birks- which was a lot of fun! WE met a lady named Desiree. Funny story was, we were talking on the phone in the car when we got a nock on our window. Some dude that was kinda drunk was like "what are you doing?" "Do you guys need anything?" We were still kinda in shock, but we said no and he walked back to his house. Then one minute later, his girlfriend was outside smoking and I told sister birks to yell to her and ask her if we could come talk to her. She said yes! we said a quick prayer and got out started our little speel of  who we were. WE shared the new Christmas video "Why we need a Savior" and after she was in tears! she gave us like 5 hugs and was telling us how she was having a hard day and was praying for help- when we rolled up in our car. She told us she knows the spirit and how our meeting was no coincidence. She was so happy and told us we could come back anytime! It was an awesome miracle. What else happened this week.. we went to church and sang in the choir for the Christmas program- it was fun! and then I was snagged into primary to play the piano. (: My secret is out. ha ha 
But its been awesome! Oh, so I wasn't there for it. But Becky Arenas was baptized!!! AHH! Im soo happy. (: SIster Fountain and I taught her for 2 months and now she is baptized! AH. Its amazing. I love Wichita, we are having our Zone Christmas Party tomorrow which should be pretty fun. We get to wear ugly sweaters. woooh! 
Well, I hope you all have a Merry Chirstmas! I will see my familia then and the rest of you I will talk to you all next monday! (: 

I Stole sister fountains pic.. thanks! (: 

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