Monday, October 26, 2015

I love being a representative of Jesus Christ.

<3Sister Williams

So! This week is transfers and I'm staying put in Abilene! I'll be
here till December and I'm so happy! I was really nervous about the
possibility of leaving but now I'm not and I'm so happy! Obviously. We
had a good week, taught Becky and Jacob! They are awesome and
progressing so well right now! On Saturday we had a church tour, Becky
brought her friend Robert-who is a southern baptist- and he absolutely
loved the tour! We showed him the family history center and we were
able to find his uncle and was beyond excited! It was awesome! After
the tour he was saying how he wants to come to church now! Yay!
Expecting the impossible there. God is so good. Becky also loved the
tour and was saying "this church is great! I love it." Then Jacob came
to church! He was so cute, loves church, showed him the baptismal font
and got really excited. But however there was a wolf spider in there
and that was kinda scary. Lol #kansas
That night we taught Becky the plan of salvation! She just ate that up
and was so happy and excited about how it all made sense. "I was never
taught this?! This makes so much sense" I've always believed that. Oh
man it was so awesome, sister fountain bore such a great testimony of
eternal families and the blessings of this knowledge. The spirit had
Becky in tears. (: we are seeing her today and we are so excited! I
love her so much. Plus, her daughter is a recent convert and is so
solid. So she's been helping us teach! That night, we painted pumpkins
and my inner child came out and it was so fun. This time my pumpkin
actually looked cute! Yay!
But that was about our week, oh! Wow, the elders had 3 baptisms and it
was such a good baptismal service and the assistants to the president
showed up... We gave the missionary moment and it all went well.
Except I totally butchered playing the closing song. It was horrid. My
brain and fingers were not on the same page apparently. Any who! Life
is great- I'm so grateful to be a missionary and to have so many life
changing experiences. We meet so many people and I love it all no
matter what. It's always good weather- plus we have the best district
in the world. I think that biggest thing I'm so grateful for is that I
was called to serve in the best mission in the entire world. Hands
down. So far our mission has had 57 precious souls come unto Christ
this month! We still have an entire weekend!(I may be gloating but I'm
just so happy..sorry. I'll repent) Ahhh! God is so great! Everything
that happens in this mission is because of him. Jesus Christ is our
greatest example and I love him so much. This weekend we have another
apostle coming to our mission, Elder Stevensen, I'm so excited! (:
Well I hope y'all have such a great week and that you keep on keeping
on. A.k.a apply the atonement. 💟💯

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