Monday, February 15, 2016

Sunny in Wichita!

So we had a pretty eventful week which was fun and crazy all at the same time! 
Sister Houston had a birthday and so sister bell took us out to lunch at Cheddars! Its a made from scratch/ home made everything restaurant! really good. (: 

We had exchanges with the Kellogg Hermanas down in Derby- I went to Derby and brushed up on my espanol. #almostfluent We talked to lots of spanish people- I had no I idea what to say so I usually started the conversation and let her finish.. haha I was good for something. There was this less active family who is from Puerto Rico who made us these fried banana meat pie things.. they were really good.. and interesting. I only ate one because I was so full.. but they were like "eat more!" ..."I literally can't.."  
But we saw a lot of miracles, Sister Goulding hasn't been in the area for too long, so she doesn't know the area super well yet. So we were lost alot. However, we made it work... we were driving in a sketchy part of town and had no clue where we were going.. when she was like "We are here for a reason." and like 5 mins later we found our way to an investigators house. So we knocked on it- the mom came to the door and I said "Hola, como esta?!" (thats the extent of my spanish) the next thing you know- we were in the house and teaching her 3 girls! We taught one of them how to pray and her prayer was so sweet and sincere I was almost in tears. (: After we put them on date Sister Goulding told me that they have tried getting into their house forever and that was the first time  they have been able to. So I definitely know that we were meant to be lost for a reason and trusting in God- he ALWAYS provides a way. #MILAGROS
Sister Goulding is also a marathon runner and wakes up at 5am to go running... so I went with her and I am now currently recovering from torn muscles and I can't run nor walk normal right now. LIFE IS GRAND.... I felt really good afterwards... not anymore. haha 

Tatyanna and her mom came on a church tour this week and it was super great. The mom has been reading the Gospel Principles book and reading info off She had lots of really good questions and a lady in our ward was able to answer them for her. It was overall a really spiritual experience for everyone. 

Elder Evans, a general authority came to our mission and gave us instruction and the only thing I can really remember without looking in my notes was he told us to "DONT BE STUPID" haha. He taught us a lot of really good things, but that's what stands out.. I guess I have some repenting to do apparently... lol 
But we had a good week, this week we have interviews and more exchanges with more awesome sisters! WOOH! This transfer is flying by, which is super weird.. cause sister houston goes home in 2 weeks annndd then.... ya'll know what that means.. I'm staying in Kansas! yup. (: 

haha, Well I love you all so much! Hope you enjoy the weather wherever you are at- I will for sure. Looking forward to the SUN! 

<3Sister Williams

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