Monday, February 22, 2016

Feeling like spring out here!

So we are having some really great high 60 degree weather out here. I've been working on my tan. (; ha jk. sorta. 

But we had a really great week, lots of exchanges with awesome sisters! on Wednesday I went to Glenn Hills with Sister Pimmy- we were companions back in Hiawatha! and since I knew God wouldn't let me go back while on my mission, he allowed me to relive the glory days with Sister Pimmy one last time. (: We had alot of fun and tons of flash backs with all of our conversations.. But we had a super crazy, awesome, GREAT milagro with their investie Elizabeth. She is in the YSA branch and has known about the church forever and has loved the missionaries- however has asked them to not talk about baptism or push it. So we were at the church to read the scriptures and all that jazz, when the topic of baptism came up within 10 mins and this time she was like "ya know... I've been thinking about it... SIGN ME UP" haha. and she was baptized 3 days later. God is so good, and it was probably one of the coolest moments of my mission. 

Tatyanna and her mom came to church again and were planning on staying all three hours but something came up- but they are going to try for next week! (: tatyanna is looking good for baptism but we are being patient and listening to the spirit. 

I had my LAST interview with President Bell... I didn't realize it was my last one till Elder Limb pointed it out...#jerk (; 
But since then I have been thinking about how blessed I have been to be here in Kansas and to serve with them here in the best mission in the whole world. I remember reading my mission call and thinking "kansas?...ugh..." haha. WHAT WAS I THINKING! #Iwasn't
We had a Mission President Devotional last night and we were given the opportunity to bring recent converts, investigators or returning less active members. So many wonderful stories and testimonies were shared- it was so inspiring. Just from hearing their testimonies on having a change of heart, taking the time to Listen to what the missionaries had to say and being patient- God was able to work a miracle in them. It just helps me to have a stronger testimony of the gospel and really see the difference it makes in our lives when we live it. 
I love my mission so much, its helped me to grow closer to our Savior and truly LOVE Him. 
Anyway! I'll send some pics because I actually took some.. #hoorayforsisterwilliams

have a wonderful week! love you all like cray! (:
Sister WIlliams 

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