Monday, February 1, 2016

hey hey family!

Hey so we had a pretty fun week! the weather was awesome, High 50's and mid 60's.. So we were able to get out and talk to a bunch of people! We had exchanges with some of our sisters down in Derby. I also got my hair cut by our investigator- she did really good. I was nervous, but I still have my hair, its just a lot healthier and little shorter. hoorah!
So I'll send you all a pic.. since you are probably dying to know what it looks like. right? (;
I really have a bad memory of what even happened this week... I'm riding the struggle bus today. I'll just send yall pictures.. haha🤓

But however, Something I learned this week while preparing for my talk, that I gave in the YSA ward, was how we are constantly being brought to walls of faith. Joseph Smith said, "every man is eventually brought before a wall of faith and there he must make his stand." We can either exercise our faith in the Savior and his gospel or remain immobilized by those walls- where WE hold ourselves back from progressing in this life spiritually. I have gained over the course of my mission the utmost importance for having a SOLID foundation in Christ- because he makes this life possible and so much more worth living. With the knowledge of the Atonement and the love we can feel as we stay anxiously engaged in doing good continually. There are just so many blessings. (: So, I hope you all stay close to the savior and recommit to follow him more NOW. 

Anyway, I guess I should also mention that President Bell asked me to put together a musical number for when Elder Evans of the Seventy comes next week! We are singing Savior Redeemer, the arrangement from "17 Miracles". 🎶😂

Well, I love you all so much! Hope you have a wonderful week and stay warm.. hehe
<3Sister Williams

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