Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8th... what in the world..

(Exchanges with the AMAZING winfield SISTERS!)
​K. Time needs to freaking SLOW DOWN. 
We had a super busy week but somehow I am still here and functioning somewhat properly.Last month our wonderful mission had 66 baptisms which was JANGANTIC. haha- there were so many miracles that kept happening because of the increase of faith in our mission. This is Christ's mission, at least that is what President Bell tells us. (; 
At our MLC meeting there were alot of tears, many of the ZL's are being released in prep for the new mission president coming in July. 

Anyway! Sister Houston is turning 22 tomorrow! she's so old.. hehe. Sunday, Tatyanna and her mom came to church again and were able to listen to the many testimonies, which were actually TESTIMONIES. It was really wonderful. 
Her mom has a lot of questions and they agreed to come on a church tour to learn more to eventually be baptized! (: 
We have also done tons of Role plays with the members, treating them like they are investigators! They love it, it gives them a chance to see missionary work from a different perspective. The goal is to help them feel the excitement of the spirit that comes from sharing the gospel with others. So far its been pretty good! (:

But we had a great week!! haha sorry I don't have much to write.. because I don't know what to say. But I absolutely love being here is Maize, its been one of the hardest places because everyone is FILTHY rich and are super comfy with where they are at. However, that doesn't matter because this is God's work and I'm here to do what he expects of me. Thats all that matters. 
I hope you have a wonderful week, I'll be with a General Authority all weekend and so Im pretty happy about that. (: 
Keep the faith and love one another. 

Sister Williams

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