Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year in Wichita!!

Hello! Happy New Year to y'all! Hope it was super exciting and crazy?!
So we had a fun week, we went on exchanges with our sweet sisters and had lots of faith growing miracles. I stayed in the west side of Wichita with sister Southwick- we were in Maize trying to get in contact with our missing investigator and as we were pulling into the home development a lady waved at us... #notnormal. And so I felt like we needed to talk to but I was kidna scared. Yes I'm human. So we tried our investie- she wasn't home. When we were walking back to our car the lady was gone. But as we were leaving she came outside again, and the promoting to talk to her came again... So we stopped the car parked on the side. As we were getting out I had no idea what this looked like to the lady but I just opened my mouth and yelled to her and asked if we could talk to her for a minute. We ended up talking to her for like 10, but she is so cool. Her family is so sweet and goes to a very popular church called New Spring which they love. But we gave her a Book of Mormon and invited her to read 3 Nephi 11- and she said we could come back! So we went back last night expecting to talk about the Book of Mormon, however we stayed for like 30 minutes and they had so many questions about our beliefs and what is so different. What is a Mormon? They actually spent some time thinking about us! Haha so we shared the restoration and it was one of my favorite lessons of my mission. They are an awesome family- however they really love their church but they said that they would like to hear more. #theywillbebaptized someday. Then we got in contact with our missing investigator!! And she is so excited to meet with us, even her cute little boy had been asking about us. So we had a really fun day yesterday- it was fast and testimony meeting and I was in the YSA Ward... So there is like 12 of us. Soo I bore my testimony and it felt good. 😎 I also led the music too in sacrament. Lol! Our Zone is doing well, we have a lot of cool missionaries.  Elder Hunt is now our Zone Leader and I get to serve with him! Funny huh. We met in a YSA Ward and now we're both serving missions in the same YSA Ward in the same mission. God is hilarious. I love it though, it's so much fun! Today we finally went shopping and I washed my laundry.. So it's been a good day! Ha it's 33 degrees and sunny! Wooh! I'm gonna get a tan out here. Lol jk. 
Anyway- I can't remember much, other than I finished the Book of Mormon before the new year and it was so much fun.. I never thought i would say that reading scriptures was fun. But it was and I am super excited that we are studying it in Sunday school this year. The thing I learned this time was how exciting the Restoration is... In the end of the Book of Mormon, the world seems to be coming to an end of everything good. Moroni bears his dying testimony... If I could say anything to make you understand the love of God and Jesus Christ "Come unto Christ and be perfected in him..." Them he buries the plates and then what? What happened, we don't know! So when Joseph Smith restored the gospel to the earth, IT WAS A BIG DEAL. but I'm so grateful for it and I love being a representative of Christ for this short 18 months...but I plan on this forever... It's been amazing. 
I love you all! Have a great new year and stay true to your resolutions! #losingweight? 

<3Sister Williams

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