Monday, January 18, 2016

best week ever.

So we had a really fun filled week with exchanges with both sets of spanish speaking sisters! I am now fluent- in the 3 sentences I now know. (: It was alot of fun! I went to Kellogg with Sister Flygare! We saw lots of miracles, one was teaching a Hispanic family and two of their girls want to be baptized! It's very exciting because they know they need the gospel in their life. Their older brother has made some pretty crappy choices, and was put on house arrest- however he cut off his ankle bracelet and ran away. While we were there teaching he comes walking in the house, he was super kind and shook our hands, then went into the kitchen to eat. I was soo confused as to what had just happened. Then the mom, 5 minutes later, said the police were coming to get him. So we left- ah man the good things that happen in the ghetto of wichita! I missed it so much. haha. We walked across Broadway, talked to alot of hispanic people and I pretended like I spoke spanish. haha esta bien. 
I went with Hermana Viera, she is from Puerto Rico! man, she is crazy and hilarious. She taught me alot of spanish while I was with her. We had fun though, talked to people in ENGLISH because she was my area haha. This one lady we were talking to wasn't too interested in talking to us and was beating around the bush, but sister viera wasn't going to leave until they flat out said "Im not interested!" so she just kept messing with the poor lady by asking bold questions.. "soo, if God told you to pray about it would you?"... We finally left. 

So this whole transfer, oh yeah Im staying in Wichita with Sister Houston!! (: She goes home in 6 weeks... 😲 Anyway, we have been trying to find this girl named Flor. We have had no clue where she went, phone is disconnected and apparently she moved. So we were with a member who knew Flor from school and was pretty good friends with her as well. We were going to the same apartment complex where she had previously lived. SO we knocked on the door for this former investigator, the girl who answered wasn't who we were looking for but it was FLOR!! hahaha omg, so crazy. I was giving our speel of we were and what we do- when she invited us in?! Then as we were walking in, the member saw who it was and was like "This is Flor!". total miracle! God is so good. SO she is now working towards overcoming a bad addiction to illegal drugs and being baptized in February! We are soo excited!! (: 
But we had a fun week! At least I did. Oh and I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting on missionary work, I totally winged it. The Spirit is a great companion. haha. 😇
Then I was asked to play a musical number on the piano as well.. only messed up like twice.. lol 
Anyway! I love you all!!! I love serving and representing Jesus Christ! Its the best thing and I cry about it because I love it SO MUCH. One of my fave missionaries, that I love so much,  goes home this week.. ): Crazy. I love this gospel so much, I know it is true. 

Have a wonderful week! we are going to a trampoline place.. hopefully I don't break anything! #knockonwood

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  1. Sister Williams
    It was a joy to have you in our lives and in our home. You are an inspiration to us and look forward to seeing you accomplish so many wonderful things. The Weaver family