Monday, April 11, 2016

HEY// last week as a missionary..

So! We had a pretty eventful week... I'm trying to remember what we did right now.
But just today we went to a trampoline park and that was a lot of fun- im really sore and tired now.(:
Sunday was testimony meeting and it was a really nice one- it was also my last time in the family ward which felt weird. I had to leave early to go catch my comp at the YSA ward (she had to teach the lesson in Relief Society- haha) 
We had linger longer and had ALOT of fun getting to know more of the members in the YSA- I love them all, they are so much fun to be around and they are all so excited to share the gospel with their friends. 
We went out on a team up with a member and we asked her if she knew anyone that was looking for a church or needed a friend and she didn't know anyone. But apparently, she was inspired by the spirit after our teamup and that night she prayed for opportunities to be a missionary! The Lord blessed her the next day and she was able to talk to a co-worker about church and now her friend will be coming to church next sunday! She was so excited to tell us! (: 

Um, what else has happened?! We had MEETINGS ALL DANG WEEK. Zone trainings and MLC, BUT! it was alot of fun, I love getting to see the other sisters in the Derby Zone! They are such wonderful lights to be around, they have helped me so much. Wichita has been a party!  I LOVE IT HERE! We have the best Zone Leaders and everyone else are just some of my favorite people in this world. We are having dinner with the Stake President tonight- Brother and Sister Williams.. haha We are family. (really though) 

I guess this all I can really think of right now- But we really had a fun week. Lots of miracles, our investie Jaidyn came to church with her returning inactive father, it was such a sweet miracle. Then she also came to a baptism in prep for her own coming up soon! I love her, shes so cute. 

I love being here in Kansas, being a representative of Jesus Christ and EVERYTHING ELSE! BEST DECISION IN MY LIFE SO FAR. I love the gospel and for the blessings my family and I have received from losing myself in the work of salvation for others to have the chance to have the same in their life. If a mission was easy, everyone would be doing it. I know I was meant to be here in Kansas, best mission in the world. (: 

Have a great week anndd... I'll see some of you in a week.. ew. 
Sister Williams

P.S the anderson twins along with Parker and his wife Katie are here in Wichita! haha crazy right? I'll have to hunt them down and say hi. that would be funny.
anyway, fun side note. Idaho is coming to KANSAS! 

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