Monday, April 18, 2016

last pday here in kansas. ):

YUP. 18 months have come and gone. Its so weird for me to think that I have to go home. I actually did have a little emotional breakdown on saturday night when I realized that this was my LAST WEEK. 
But I have learned so much here in Kansas, everyone that I have met here in Kansas has played such a HUGE role in my life. I know that this is where I was meant to be- Kansas is where its at! 

Overall, from my mission what I have learned is.. ALOT. 
But I know for sure that the Savior does live and he is there for us all the time. He IS MY BEST FRIEND. He's helped me overcome alot of personal pride and doubt to be where I am at today. I Love LOVE my mission so much because of the Savior and everything He and Heavenly Father has blessed me with. I know that this is Christ's church and He is at the Head of it led by Thomas S. Monson. I'm super grateful for the priesthood. SO GRATEFUL. 
I Love you all! and Ill see you soon.... #choosejoy 

and i love dogs!... obviously.. some things never change. 

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