Monday, March 21, 2016

Best week Eva!

I had my last zone conference and I bawled like a baby while trying to bear my testimony. It was a struggle but I made it overall the whole meeting was so spiritual and revelatory then the next day we went to the TEMPLE!!

I love the temple!! This is all of us sisters.... Love them all.
So yeah we had a major awesome week here in Wichita! Something that has become my pet peeve or just kinda annoying is when people ask us how long we have been out..because the. Sister filigrana just starts cackling.... JERK! ❤️I am devastated!
But anyway! I absolutely love serving here in Kansas. Jesus Christ is my best friend! I didn't realize that we could ever have such a relationship with the Savior. He's changed my life.
I'm grateful for all of you and your example, everything I've been able to do and become is because of all of you. Thank you so much!!😘😘

I love you all, keep choosing joy!

<3Sister WilliamsSo I love you all, but I'm never coming home! #stayinginkansasforevs
-sister birks doesn't want me to leave.. Lol

So sister filly and I had a super amazing week! Last week we met
Marcus and Annabel and we have started teaching them, they came to FHE
and then they both came to church and stayed all 3 hours! They LOVED
it! We also snagged a recent covert less active who tried to get out
of coming to church... But we got her to come. But they are now
working towards April 2nd! We are super pumped for them!

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