Monday, April 27, 2015

monday in WICHITA.

Okay so this week went by seriously too fast. So I made a list of things I would write about because I knew I would forget. ha. I'm so smart. 

So I went on EXCHANGES with Sister Delos Santos and it was the best! So many miracles that went on. We were contacting potentials and as we were walking to the door a guy was already outside smoking and we said hi and the next thing you know we are in their house talking about the Book of Mormon. They are catholic but willing to learn more- it was pretty sweet. Then we met Charles! We had the uke on us and his niece and nephews were out - it was so sweet because out of no where one of his nieces gave me a hug and told me I was pretty. I was like "oh! thankyou!" We sang "I am a child of God"- came back the next day and Charles took a Book of Mormon and is coming to a church tour. As well as a lot of his nieces and nephews. They were soo excited, that they pinky promised to read it. 

We had interviews with PRESIDENT BELL! I love that man. he is the best. 
Had a long training on having visions for our mission and to be passionate! I thought it was very helpful and inspiring- It was all encompassed by the Atonement. #goodstuff

I made a promise- for the rest of my mission that I wouldn't wear makeup. and its been a really neat experience, so far no mirrors have shattered and people still talk to us! I don't have a real reason as to what made me do it, but that I felt like I needed to. 

Aide is so amazing, here is why. So yesterday she came to church. We sang in sacrament meeting by the way. ha. She went to class by herself and did'n't want us to be there. (so grown up!) haha Then she went to YW and guess what she did! She volunteered to say the CLOSING PRAYER! I was in shock as well as all the YW. I seriously couldn't get over it. haha but then we had dinner at our Senior Sisters apartment and she ran off to the "bathroom" #noshedidn't comes back out after she makes us close our eyes and she gives us both GIFTS! I was like what is going on... She opened up so much.. well I heard about it after. because while all the amazing things were going on I was sick in the bathroom forever. So that was cool. Anyway. haha 
Sister Calder was like, "So what you're saying is that I poisoned you with my food?" haha uhmmm no. 

Other fun things!
-I am singing in the missionary choir this Saturday for a mission wide conference
-Sister Blood and I had a little concert for all the black children in the neighborhood- they seriously aren't afraid of anyone.. well I guess we are white girls.. and missionaries. haha I guess it makes sense. They were so funny, they all had a turn to play the ukulele and sang what ever rap song they wanted. Then we had to leave and they were  like NOO!! You're never coming back?? and we were like watch for us next time okay? and they were better after that.. till they chased us down and begged us to take them with us. Man it was interesting. 

However, through it all- I am loving my mission. Its definitely been one I'll remember forever. I have felt the love of God so much these past few weeks than ever before. Courage is something that I am constantly holding on to, "Courage becomes a living and an attractive virtue when it is regarded not only as a willingness to die manfully, but also as the determination to live decently." There is opposition all the time, I see alot of if here but that's okay because I know what is right and TRUE. . So! May we ever be courageous and prepared to stand for what we believe and if we must stand alone in the process, may we do so courageously, strengthened by the knowledge that in reality we are NEVER alone when we stand with our father in Heaven. (:

I love you all!! Talk to all soon..
<3 Sister Savannah Williams

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