Monday, March 23, 2015


hola mi familia! 
so like this week was probably the best week I've had since February and being in andover.. like we hit standard? ha WHAT! yeah, sister brown has never hit standard since being on her mission. She thought missionaries didn't hit standard- I might have been really confused when she said that. BUT the STL's were about in tears and we got calls from the Zone Leaders congratulating us. We're kind of a big deal apparently.. haha jk. We were/are a dysfunctional companionship and everyone just knew about it. However, its been a very long, humbling journey. 

I think it was Thursday that it was nice.. anyway. we were early to our dinner and so we went out walking around talking to people. There was this guy out shining his car, and so we went over and started talking to him. The church has come out with a new Easter video which is super bomb, and we asked him if we could show it to him. He said tomorrow come by after 12 and my family will be here and they would be interested in our message too. We're like SWEET! We came back the next day, showed him the video, liked it and said that he had met missionaries over 20 years ago and loved studying with them. Then he had to move abruptly and lost contact with them, he also said that he would love to be our guest at church this Sunday! He has been wanting to find a church to call home and then the next day we showed up. (: He was curious as to HOW we found him... #spirit  It was probably the best thing that happened that whole day. Other than our dinner appointment was quite interesting.. We went out to a Thai restaurant and it took 2 hours long.. ohh mann... talk about not missing being a waitress. I felt the waiters pain since he was the only one there and having 5 different tables.. #struggleisreal 
The food was good though! haha

Our cars now have TIWI's.. it monitors how we drive and talks to you when you're being "crazy" or "speeding" Its only talked to me like 3 times.. haha it was amusing. 
Wichita is great, we met this black family who was outside grilling, and so we went and showed them the "Because He Lives" video on our cute little DVD player. They really liked it, Wilma called me baby whenever we talked to her. haha LOVE IT. and then she referred us to her daughter! SWEET. Went back the next day because the first time we went over she was taking a nap.. but we went back and showed the video- she also liked it. Became curious about the Book of Mormon, asked us questions about the church. Said she would be interested in reading and coming to church! HOLLA! They are an awesome bunch! #mypeople 

Anyway! I have to make this but I love you all like CRAZY! My new favorite scripture is in Helaman 10:4-5. It talks about Nephi and his unwearyingness to declare the gospel and the Lord promises him "I will bless thee forever, I will make thee mighty in word, deed, faith, and works." I'm continually striving for those blessing and making a difference in Wichita by sharing the gospel! I'm grateful to be a member of Christ's church and to be a missionary at this time! Its been the best almost 6 months ever! wouldn't change anything!
Awesome! well I love ya! talk to you later! 


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