Monday, January 12, 2015

What a week..

So last week was so crazy that all I remember is that I had Sister Gundy as a companion and the drive to Wichita was super long, then I left with a new companion named Sister Pimentel. Transfers weren't as emotional as I thought they were going to be, so that's good. I feel awesome about this new district, its going to be epic. haha
Yes, the baptism was AMAZING~ I was really nervous a few days prior because Lynn had eye surgery and so she couldn't get water in her eye for 24 hours...She was saying that we might have to push it back another week and then I got real scared. #Satan But, prayer is awesome, and they were both baptized. (Lynn wore an eye patch) I cannot express into words what I was like, just that my heart was happy and it was very peaceful. Her husband came as well, which was a huge step for him (she said) and he told her after the baptism that when she was stepping into the font she sparkled. AHH! Now, he's coming to church on Sunday! WHAT!? The spirit is SO powerful and it is the perfect teacher. Their son Alex is now on date for February 7th.
We had to be in Lawrence for interviews with President Bell, and that was a struggle getting there on time. But, it all went smoothly, Sister Pimentel has the flu and so we weren't able to go out much. Actually at all after church yesterday. So I dragged Sister Murphy with me so we could get things done.. try to. Leading the area and training a new companion for the area is really hard. Last night was a huge test of faith and to just GO AND DO. We are trying to find new investigators here in the areas and as of right now... we had one last week. Bleh.
But! Its a new week, and as long as I don't get sick and Sister Pimentel gets better we will be solid. After the Baptism I was on such a high and then reality smacked me in the face.. ha #humility
At church, so many less actives came! It was amazing, we had to set up extra chairs! The Young Women took Abby in right away and she even went to the Stake Activity in Topeka. She LOVED It. Omg, if you could all meet Abby you would love her. Their whole family is so awesome.(:
Man.. what else happened.. last night I was told I was too bubbly by a former investigator. Ha, okay so Sister Chapman kind of has a morbid sense of humor.. and so when we were chatting with Rodney(former)- she told him that if she would've shot her husband when she had the chance, she would be just getting out of jail... "Sister Chapman! You don't tell strangers that!" (She was being totally serious, but since she laughed it was okay.)-  Its a very risky endeavor to take her out with you... but its always either entertaining or embarrassing. haha
AND I don't even know how or why she brought it up..
Anyway, Hiawatha is adorable as usual, lots of interesting people and its going to explode in the future with Mormons. Holla! There is so much potential, and I keep working to build my faith everyday along with being confident. I was told to be real with people and its hard but at least were not wasting our time with someone who isn't interested. Which kills me! The one thing that the majority of people here in Hiawatha is that they are old and don't plan on changing, or they've been baptized and don't understand Priesthood authority and the binding power it contains. One day!
Well, I love you all and I hope that you all are doing great. I would invite you to share the gospel with others whether it be by media, example or supporting the missionaries. As members we are to share the gospel, There is not one thing to be embarrassed or ashamed of- This is Gods Kingdom and we are here to build it. I know that Obedience is the price, Faith is the power, The Spirit is the key and CHRIST is the reason. That's our motto here in Kansas. The Lords work is definitely hastening!! I love being a missionary even with all the hard things that happen- this is the greatest work that could ever be done. I've been blessed in so many ways, and I'm so grateful for our Savior who made it possible to return and live with our Heavenly Father again.
Remember to say your prayers and CTR. (:
Sister Williams

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