Monday, December 15, 2014

One Week till Christmas?

Hello Family!!
The weather is rainy and cold, and there is no snow. Hopefullly
tomorrow! ha Well this last week was busy, it went by really fast as
well. I'm trying to think of things that we did... well we did
missionary work, we walked a lot and talked/sang with the ukulele
because its now warm enough to do so again. (: As for the bed bugs,
they are still there and today a guy from a pest control company came
by to give an estimate soo we are looking forward to staying at the
senior sisters house FOREVER!! ha just kidding- like another week. so
pretty close. I really hate when I can't remember the week- okay so
here is the run down of last week. Monday: Sister Gunderson and I
spent 2 hours in Walmart looking for Christmas presents for the
Elders. I was soo upset because I don't like this Walmart here because
they have nothing! and the fact that I was there longer than 30
minutes. (; Their gifts are so silly its perfect. We have gone
caroling a lot and people here really enjoy it! ITs fun, plus its even
more fun when we all sound pretty good, haha. I'm skipping to Thursday
now! We had a Christmas party in Topkea for our zone and it was super
fun! We had an ugly sweater contest, and President Bell and I had the
same sweater. haha (: It was hilarious. Lots of singing and charades
of the Book of Mormon and Missionary life... so you can only imagine
how legit it was.
But other than that, that's about all the excitement of life. ha well
how the week went. Oh wait actually, I sang in sacrament meeting with
sister gundy and a young woman in the branch. We sang Marys Lullaby.
Turned out pretty good for only singing it twice. LOL The Hiawatha
Bell choir came on Sat. night and no one came... yaaa. talk about
lame. They were really nice, just no one from the branch decided to
come.. granted everyone that is active lives 30 mins away from
Hiawatha. #dedication.
Next sunday we are looking forward to a congregation of maybe 12
people! haha.. ya party! just kidding. we are seriously trying to get
members involved with investigators and help build the branch but, we
haven't had any luck. Also, for some reason everyone we are teaching
right now are really old...ha. Our oldest is 78! I told her she has to
be baptized before I leave Hiawatha. lol That's the right motivation
yea? haha.
Anyway, I have been reading the Book of Mormon again, I'm in Alma 10!
Its been really interesting how so much more stands out and makes
sense. I'm loving it and then its easier for us to explain it to
investigators and help them get more excitement out of it too.
Oh something cool this week, there is this little coffee shop and we
go a lot because the food is yummy. Anyway, we always talk to the lady
that works there but didn't really talk about the church, She knew we
were missionaries. Obviously, till this week we finally brought it up.
(: #newinvestigator. Her name is Debbie. Shes sooo funny, she loves
food with a passion and so we talked a lot about food and Jesus.
Perfect combo yeah?
Life is good, Its been kinda hard this week, but God always makes it
better. I love LOVE getting your emails and reading them. IT makes me
super happy along with letters. Thank you for them. I actually called
the bank and talked to Mallory for like minute... it was really
weird.. I super nervous for some reason. haha
But I LOVe you all! I love this Christmas season with our without
snow- that we celebrate and remember Jesus Christ as our Savior of the
World. That through his grace we are saved and can be with our
families forever through the sealing power of the priesthood that was
restored by JosephSmith. Its all true, no doubt in my mind. I know
that God is mindful of us all, and that his love is everlasting. Hope
you all have a great week!!!!!!!
Talk to you later!! Tell everyone hello and give em a hug.

Sister Savannah Williams

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