Monday, December 1, 2014

Its already December! What the?

Hey Everyone!! How ya'll doing out there!
Wowza, its been really crazy this past week, I was sick on Monday with flu symptoms and then my companion got sick the next day so that was super exciting. I was so anxious and annoyed at myself and the whole situation. But, we are now feelin 100%! 
For thanksgiving, we made a lot of cookies for less actives in the branch. There are so many, seriously, like if all the LA's were active we would have a ward... But It was fun driving out to Nebraska and down to the bottom of our area in Centralia KS. We had Thanksgiving dinner at the Wheelers Family and they were awesome! Funny story. 
So Brother Wheeler had some of his other children from a different marriage from New Mexico up for Thanksgiving. One of them has Autism and his name is Zachary and he is 19. So adorable, we bonded. He really liked how we were both 19 and went to highschool. haha He told me that he was Prom King and that he had a girlfriend. Then continued to try and arouse me and kept asking me if I was jealous? haha. nooooo? I just laughed, then at dinner he was saving me a seat so I could sit by him. Elder Riddle was pulling out the chair next to Zach to sit down, but Zach was like "no no, You!" and pointed to me. :) It was all really good, very entertained and very full. We had 2 dinners in one day after having no dinners the whole week. Awesome. The senior Sisters also fed us.. omg too much food. 
Church was awesome! We had 2 investigators come to church! HALLELUJAH! Leroy who is 69 and Virginia who is in her 70's. They both are my favorite, they are sooo ready to be baptized but they both drink coffee and virgina is a chain smoker and has been since she was 14. However, she told me she is trying to quit and is going to see a doctor to help her quit as well. Leroy quit drinking and smoking about 2 years ago and has progressed so so much. He is awesome, he reminds me so much of Grandpa Moore. At Church yesterday when he showed up was a huge step for him. When he was standing there he was so nervous but he made it and really liked the atmosphere. He liked how instead of being preached, you are talked to and uplifted. The talks were very good as well. It was just a super good day. 
We have 2 new investigators, one who is Bill Allen and is AWESOME. He is one of Leroys friends and wasn't sure what he was getting himself into but as we talked more he opened up and we set up an appointment to come back! I love the spirit. (: He said that he is jealous of Mormons and how hard we work and the diligence of the members. We told him that he could be a mormon too. haha so silly. 
Anyway It was 65 degrees one day and then the next day was like 29. #K. But, the work here is definitely hastening. Miracles happen everyday and it is so powerful and a testimony builder that God is mindful of us and our needs. We just need to trust in his timing and BE believing. He has definitely blessed me in helping me "be here". We are in Lawrence today for P-day! Home of the JayHawks! WOO! Hey anyone know Trent Maybee? Elder Maybee. Well he is in my Zone now! His mom came up to me after my talk and bore her testimony of missionary work and cried to me and told me that he would be out here. And BAM! I found him, Im actually looking at him right now. haha. ( I  went to HS with him) cool huh. 
Life is great! super stoked for Christmas, and for snow, whenever that is going to happen. 
I Love being a missionary, its so hard. I've had a hard time having patience and confidence in myself that I can do this and trusting in the Lord that he will prepare a way. Then I think of 1 Nephi 3:7. so I'm fine. (:
I have taken pictures but I'll send them next week because i don't have too much time today. ): But just know that I KNOW! that this is the TRUE restored gospel on the earth, that the Book of Mormon is true, and if that is true then Joseph Smith is a prophet called by God. I know that through the Atonement of Christ we can repent and be a little better every day. We are here to progress and learn. Christ set the example and we are to follow him. Read the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon. It will change your life and Im so serious. Its changed mine. I love you all and I hope to here from you soon!!! 

Love sister Williams!

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