Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas time is heeeerrrreeee!!!

Well hello!!! Hows it going?

Wow, man this week went by really fast for me. Super awesome things are happening here in Hiawatha! We have 4 Investigators on date for baptism coming up in January and February!! Do you remember Virginia Brown? She is on date for Valentines day, she has committed to quit smoking and now she is down to 1 pack a day!!!! hurray. Let me remind you that she has smoked for the past 64 years, but she wants to join the church really bad. She came to church yesterday, everyone knows her and loves her. We also have twins 12 years old that are on date with their mom. They were coming to church and they were dedicated but, Abby, one of the twins came down with the Flu on Saturday night. tragic. But Sunday turned out really nice for the 30 people that showed up. I sang "I Just Knew" and it went really well, Sister Gundy and Elder Riddle also sang "Silent Night" accapella with me for the little Christmas program we had. Its just a great big family here, and I love it a lot. Afterwards we had an appointment with a potential investigator, then his wife came out and we talked to her as well. When we asked how his Book of Mormon reading was going he said he hadn't started yet- his wife Jessie said that he was hogging it so we gave her one. Something funny tho, when we wanted to talk about the Book of Mormon she said we could only do so if we sang another song. The first time we met them, Sister Gunderson and I sang a song we wrote. She liked it ALOT- thats basically why we were able to come back. So now, they are coming to church next week, and they are also coming over on Christmas! Music is soo powerful when combined with the spirit. (We sang "Nearer My God to Thee") Sister Murphy was also with us and she is soo bold with everything she says. She used to be a Catholic....right? and She is soo passionate about the gospel. Its awesome.

Wow, what else have I been doing here...we have been buying gifts for everyone and the tree looks sooo great. Santa came early to Hiawatha. We played Uno on Saturday with the old ladies at Vintage Park! I love them, one of my favorite people is named Esther. She had her 99th birthday yesterday, so we went back and sang to her. She was sooo excited to see us, you should have seen her face. It was adorable. All her family was there as well- it was great.

I have definitely been so blessed to be here in Hiawatha at this time. Everyone that I'm serving with has made all the difference- especially with the darn bed bugs. The senior sisters have let us stay at their home for the past 2 weeks! I'm surprised that we haven't driven them insane. I think we have but they are really good at hiding it. But today! the exterminator and his crew are now working to kill all the bed bugs. hurray! Last night we had to go back and take care of some things and while I was in the bedroom I found a little nasty on my bed. and for some reason I thought to get real close to it to make sure its what i thought it was.. then my common sense clicked in and then I ran out freaking out. while my companion thought I was being dramatic.pfft! ...I'm not dramatic... (;  she then found more bugs on her bed. She vacuumed them up-- then realized that wasn't the best idea. oohh my companion. haha

I'm so grateful for this Christmas season where on a mission all you focus on is serving others and Jesus Christ. If you haven't seen the clip "He is the Gift" you NEED to! go to right now! Its also on youtube as well. We share that with everyone with pass along cards- to remind them of the REAL reason we celebrate Christmas. I know that God so loved the world, that He did send His only Begotten Son..who is the Savior of the World. He is the one that redeemed us all, I know that we are never forgotten nor forsaken."Cry unto the Lord for mercy, for he is mighty to save" I have been reading the Book of Mormon and its so powerful when you sincerely seek for answers- they are there! It is the word of God, Its His promise to us that if we keep the commandments and follow him it will be well with us. However we are not perfect, we fall short everyday. This is why I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ, He knows our weaknesses and understands. Its because of him we are given that second chance! His love is everlasting. I know that this gospel is the true, restored gospel on the earth led by a prophet called by God. No man leads this church! Keep building your faith like its says in Helaman 5:12! Build your rock on the foundation of our Redeemer! With him we cannot fall.

I love you all and I hope you have a Merry Christmas!
Sister Williams

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