Friday, October 10, 2014

My last week in the MTC...

So I can honestly say, that this week has gone by so much faster than last week. Its so weird, the days go on and on and on.. then the next thing you know its Friday and you're going to bed. But the MTC has been soo amazing! I've met so many new people and they are the greatest kids you'll ever meet. This one sister liked my earrings one day and so from then on I was known as "sister earrings" to her. It was just like yesterday that we finally found out what our real names were. We kinda silly. Wasn't General Conference AWESOME! the spirit was so strong on Saturday that I thought my body was going to explode because all my emotions were running wild- especially after Hollands talk. I mean if you didn't even choke up during his talk then SHAME ON YOU. Ha just kidding but seriously, something's wrong with you. (; 
Um, we have our investigator named Tayla, she is from South Africa. We've been teaching her the lessons and have been trying to answer all her crazy questions. They are crazy because I have never thought about asking them myself. SO its ALL good- we are meeting with her tonight and are planning on inviting her to be baptized! YAY! 
Our whole zone is my family away from home right now, i'm going to be really sad when we all leave and go our separate ways... We all sang in Devo just this tuesday and it went really well for only practicing for 1 hour before devotional! haha. It was really fun, I miss singing.. that actually sounds good. anymore, I just goof around and sound like a hippo giving birth. (because I know what that sounds like?) Anyway you get the idea.. OH! but Elder Waite and I sang the song "sisters" from White Christmas as a duet walking down the hall going to lunch... it was really embarrassing and funny at the same time. 
We went through the Provo Temple this morning and did an endowment session and it was so good. God is good. Just for those who forgot. Another thing was on the way back to the MTC (were walking distance from the temple btw) an old lady stopped us on her way to the temple and asked us if we wanted to hear about a miracle. So we stopped and she told us about the power and blessings of the Melchizedek priesthood and how it is so real and great. Its a long story- basically it was that she had awoke in the night and had this prompting to call her family that lived in Joplin Missouri. This was 3 years ago when that awful tornado swept through and destroyed almost everything. But, she called her kids and told them to receive a blessing and it was by the grace of God that their homes weren't even touched. So it was a great story and she told it a lot better than me. But get this! Her name was Roda Hanney! I died when she told us, I just thought It was the cutest name ever given. haha plus she was adorable. 
Our district is so amazing, I cant tell you enough! We have the best elders and sisters (there is 4 of us). My roommates are so great! We get along so well, they laugh at my jokes and tell my i'm funny. I'm not that funny so I don't know whats going on. ha. But I can totally tell a change in myself, and I know that this change came from the spirit of the MTC and by how much God is in my life. There have been things that have happened and I would have freaked out if I was at home. But being here, has changed my whole perspective of EVERYTHING. We all just laugh about the stupid things that happen to us. I love it! Yesterday we had an 8 hour orientation and I seriously was about to cry when we had class after and had to teach a lesson. Walking up stairs to go to class was a struggle so instead of crying guess what I did... I laughed the whole way to the top. It WAS GREAT! 
But I just want you all to know how much I love you and that I think about you all the time! Its seriously hard work being a missionary- but its so worth it. My faith and testimony of the gospel has grown immensely! I know that there are hard things in our life and that sometimes we just wanna quit. I have felt that here at the MTC- when lessons don't go right and you leave feeling like what was the point of even being there. WE TAUGHT THEM NOTHING! Don't give up, keep moving on and enduring. Prayer is something I would invite you all to do, it has comforted me so much here. When I cant call my family to tell them how my day was or even text my friends to see whats up? Talking to Heavenly Father has blessed me with the peace of mind, That He is always there, looking out for me when my family cant be. Gods love is endless. The Holy Ghost is so strong here and I'm finally understanding how to recognize it more in my life. Next time you all hear from me I'll be in Kansas! My emotions are so crazy right now, but laughing really helps you. I'm learning a lot, i'm having fun and I have a stronger relationship with God than ever before. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true! 

I LOVE YOU ALL!  write me so I know you miss me(; haha
See you all soon!

Sister Williams

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