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Hello Everyone!
hope that everyone is doing fine and peachy! haha
Well lets see what has happened in the past week since last time.. hmmm
  So I had exchanges this week, and I was in Lawrence KS, which is where I get to go with the STL's (Sister Training Leader) and go around teaching and all that jazz. It was kind of awkward at first because I didn't know what to talk about.. I've realized that i'm kinda outspoken.. so I tried to keep it under control. haha But it was really interesting! Lawrence is in the city- so we drove everywhere and I didn't like that. Time would go by soooo slow. It was a struggle. About all of our appointments fell through- except for one. Her name is Cathy, (I swear like everyone has the name Cathy out here) and when I walked into her apartment, all the oxygen in my lungs was gone. they all smoke in the house and hack their lungs out. We had to stop a few times  because she was coughing so hard. Her family is a wreck, has medical problems and she has no money for food either. (probably because they smoke 10 packs a day) Im not even kidding. So we told her to pray and I read from Enos. She feels like God is looking over her because her prayers are not getting answered. But she then told us that we were her answer, and that she hasn't let anyone from a church in her home because it didn't feel right. But when the missionaries came, it did. However, she wants to come to church and be a member eventually. So I believe she is on date for the first weekend in December.. Oh it was really sweet, I told her I was only here for a day and she told me that I needed to come back again. haha.
 I've met a lot of people, we sang "The Spirit of God" to a Jehova Witness. I asked about her beliefs and she was soo shocked that Mormons were so similar? what?! haha. But she didn't want our card. so we left. :( All in all she was super nice and had an adorable grandson. We played Uno at the senior citizen home! It was so funny because one was color blind and couldn't tell which card was blue or green, another loves sports and reminds me of Rose O'Donnel.. haha EVERYTIME! and then we had one who explained every move she was making whether she was going to draw a card or play one.. It was a good hour spent. They were all sooo cute and sweet.
So we went to Horton on Friday talked to a few people, there is an investigator named Virginia Brown who is RLDS (Reorganized Latter Day Saint). We had a few referrals and one was a dad who didn't have his shirt on first so that was cool.. umm but he mostly talked and didn't give us a chance to even introduce ourselves basically. He gave us a long sermon about God and his will... I think he forgot who we were... in my mind I was like "you do know that you're talking to Mormons right?" haha so that was fun. We then had a hard time finding this one address. so we went another house in the area and told her about Thomas S. Monson, she was Catholic and wasn't interested in reading the Book of Mormon. Lame.. So then we asked her if she knew about this referral we had. Turns out, our referral passed away like a few days before we got there... awkward. We then went to Lunch at Breadeaux's- a pizza place. and I got a chicken sandwich. wow. I'm awesome. haha
I keep getting bit by spiders and chiggers.. ohh my heck I hate them all! There was this gigantic spider in the kitchen and my companion was like "don't look, keep talking. don't look!" yeah I wish I didn't look.. EWWWW. But she killed it. now its in the vacuum.
My memorization of everything is coming along, I now don't feel like an outcast. ha I'm tired all the time, so I drink a lot of crystal light caffeine, and I eat a lot of rice cakes. I love those. haha oh and craisins..
We had a lesson with a young guy named Daniel at the library and we showed him videos of the Book of Mormon, Jeffery R. Holland! We asked him questions on what he was feeling and what he got out of it. guess what he said. "I don't know". WHAT?! are you serious!? You just listened to Jeffery R. Holland and you don't know?! It was like talking to a wall.... #struggle
So our next lesson is gonna be a Do or Die. ha All good things!
Sunday! I had heard some sirens going on but didn't think to much of it. Anyway, so we were running late as usual.. not my fault either.. we also had to pick up one of our senior sisters. We were almost to church, when we got a text from the Branch Pres. saying that our mission president was visiting! AHH! So that was a rush of anxiety. I also gave a talk, [that I wrote on my own!:)] Then after sacrament, he got up and within 5 seconds he asked Sister Gundy and I to sing at Zone Conference this Friday in Topeka. SWEET!
After church, we had a potluck lunch with a bunch of different soups.. it was heaven. lol I had a severe food baby afterwards( totally worth it).
Then later that evening we were going to knock some street by the senior sisters home. When this car pulls up next to us and told us "just letting you know, there were 4 guys that the cops are after, they have 3 of them but, one is still out and he has a gun. he's shot one person already, and he's mentally not there" So we were kinda freaked out and I thought that maybe we should go tell the senior sisters.. Sis. Gundy was like lets go get the car. So we started walking back when I was like, he wouldn't stay in Hiawatha... we then turned around and started over with our first plan. As we were walking and talking and singing, another car stops us and it was this super sweet lady named Rosie. She told us to get inside because it wasn't safe. Apparently she saw us walking earlier and her and her husband drove past us but she had a feeling that she needed to come back. cool story was that we had walked past the house that this guy was hiding in and there were cops holding AK 47's waiting for him, just 20 mins earlier. GREAT. Rosie was so sweet, she said that she had been in a car accident a few years ago and some sister missionaries stopped and helped her, and ever since she has just adored the sisters. After that scary talk, she gave us a hug and we ran to the senior sisters house. locked the doors and hung out there till it was time to go back home. We had dinner there, had a little lesson as well. Super chill. It felt weird not walking and sweating- its been in the 80's the whole week. Anyway, as we were heading home in their CAR, (totes not walking) we were turning the corner to our house and on the right side of the the street there were over 3 fire trucks, countless cops and a swat team waiting outside a home that was down the street from us. I freaked out. ha I turned into a baby in 2 seconds. So we ended up back at the sisters home last night. all I could think about how there were angels watching over us when we were outside. Possibly divine intervention?
Well other than that craziness, I haven't seen or heard from Michelle our Marine investigator. The Elders went back to check in and her Baptist husband answered the door and said they weren't interested. So we're gonna go back and see for ourselves this week. We have this super awesome family I want to baptize soooo bad! They are the Joslins. The dad is super cool, they have 2 little boys who are so adorable. plus they're Christian. Bomb. We saw them on Saturday but were really busy at the time so we didn't talk very long. We are trying to work with the less actives, and getting them to come to church. its a working process... slowly but surely. Everyone we talk to always says that they're comfortable with where they are at.. There is no growth in a comfort zone just in case you didn't know that. This one girl thought that we weren't Christian because we were Mormon... that was a fun 2 hour talk on the street. it was so pointless..
I know that this church is true, that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God. I know that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ for this dispensation on time- in our days! And that its true! I'm grateful for all of the support from my AMAZING family and friends. I know that families can together through Heavenly Fathers plan. He does hear our prayers and knows the thoughts and intents of our hearts. He never forgets us! I hope we all have Christ centered in our lives. Im thankful for everything he has given me and done for me. I wouldn't be where Im at right now if it wasn't for him. Because of him I can be forgiven and change. So that I can be better than I was yesterday! I know that God loves his children, I know I'm here in Hiawatha for a reason- so that I can find those who God has prepared. To bring them back home.
I hope you all have a great week, I think of you all the time!!!!! Hope to hear from you soon! 
P.S thank you family for the package! I'm excited!! (:
 Love you to infinity and beyond!
Sister Williams

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