Monday, June 29, 2015

Waking up in Abilene!

Good Morning!
How is everyone? Well transfers happened and I am no longer in Wichita! (finally) It was a bittersweet moment, a lot of people were asking me if I was sad to leave and I really didn't know how to tell them no without making it sound like I hated it. So I just told them it was bittersweet. haha. But I am no companions with the amazing Sister Palmer who is from SLC. She is 23 and is so much fun! We are both opening an area for Sisters called Abilene which is a lot like Hiawatha. But I think Abilene is bigger. Everyone is very friendly and the ward which is in Salina is AMAZING! In the past year they have had 55 baptisms and all of them are still active! I couldn't even tell they were converts because of their testimony of the gospel! We had a lot of people come up to us and introduce themselves, and when we told them that we were living in Abilene they were so excited to have sisters! so that made us feel really good! (:
Its about a 30 minute drive to church and we go to Salina like 4 times a week for meetings and other good stuff!
We have 3 people on date for July 18th, and then yesterday after church the Bishop, who is SO COOL, came up to us and told us that this kid wants to get baptized! WHAAA? Miracle!? His name is Dakota and we met him on Thursday at the Browns house for dinner. He's had a rough past, both his parents passed away due to cancer and now he lives with his "guardians" who are devout, ignorant Catholics. He's like the after thought, which is really sad but he has awesome support from the Browns who are also another cool family. So were gonna start teaching him and go from there. But he's what you would call "Golden". (:
We also met this little lady named Kayla, who let us right in and we were able to invite her to be baptized and she said yes! She is coming to church this sunday and is going to bring her 2 granddaughters! She was telling us that she has watched "Sister Wives" and other shows about Mormons- but we cleared that misconception real fast. But she's really nice! As we were sitting there a cockroach crawled past my foot... and I didn't freak out! but it was gross.. haha
We taught 3 guys in the Library and read from the Book of Mormon, they were so funny, Mike Ernie and Justin. Ernie is probably the one of the more interesting people I've met, he's just OUT THERE. But Mike is cool and keeps them in line. (:
Other than that, the week turned out really good! Its been HOT and humid- but we have seen lots of tender mercies and miracles this week! We even hit standard in 4 days.. SO that was cool! for me anyway. haha
Well I hope you all are enjoying your summer! Can't believe June is almost over! But I'm super stoked for the 4th of July! WOOH! I'm so blessed to be in Abilene and serve here for the next few months or even the year! crazy to think that right? But I know that Heavenly Father is mindful of us and knows what is best! His plan for all of us is perfect. I'm so grateful for the knowledge I've received from being on a mission and from other companions who have taught me so much. I love you all so much! I think you're awesome!  Keep on keeping on! (:
<3Sister Williams

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