Wednesday, September 24, 2014


 As much as I am on the internet and watch the clouds go by- I feel as if I should use this wasted time and use it a little bit differently. For the past month, I have felt so lazy- like where did my life go? But then I think of how much I'm going to miss being able to sit down and not have anything to do but just sit there. It sounds pathetic, I know that. There is just something about living in the country, fields surrounding you, and clear blue skies that fade to pink and purple as the sunsets and its QUIET.  Its really amazing, you get to think about things you don't normally think about anywhere else- or in your bed. I do that too much, so I would prefer it outside than during bedtime.
I know that on my mission I will be doing something that I have never thought I would ever do. Both parents served LDS missions and it was cool- but for me, It was just a thought, an idea that never came to surface. But here I am a year later- going on a mission and leaving in seven days.
Something else that has eased the anxiety is that, one of my dear friends from college was called to the VERY SAME I'll see him at the MTC(: Its been a long time coming for me since May. Now its really coming to action, I just received an email from a girl in my ward who left last week. She is such an amazing person and to see someone so excited and happy to be where she is at, makes me 1000x more excited to get out there!
Elder Jeffery R. Holland came to BYUI yesterday and I was so blessed and fortunate to go and listen to him. He talked about true happiness, something that he said stood out to me was this:
 "Do the things that happy people do"
In a perfect world, everyone would be happy all the time and we would appreciate the small and simple things. However, to be happy we have to make up our minds to be, as Abraham Lincoln said. We must also live after the manner of happiness! We may not always be happy but, we will always remember what true happiness feels like.
Anyways, I love this gospel. It has truly changed my life and given me so much happiness. I cannot wait to get out to Kansas and share the amazing truths about the restoration and the Book of Mormon. I invite you all to have the same happiness that I've felt- no one should go through life feeling miserable and sad all the time.
I love you all!

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